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Of the year won't be found in any movie theater was one night only last night on the south side when danny farquhar returned to the guaranteed right field mound for a ceremonial first pitch first time he'd thrown a baseball since april's aneurysm in the dugout we kinda talked about practicing a little bit before stretching before and any nate jones would would help me out with anything he would die if he had the i kind of wanted to challenge a little bit of throwing it and it was very special to i've never thrown out the first pitch i've got plenty of them i've never gotten to throwing out another milestone in his recovery from the brain hemorrhage about six weeks ago farquars spirit will be on hand as the white sox on the brewers today at one ten start james shields pushing against your lease shes seen carlos or don we'll make tomorrow start in charlotte might be his last one there there was talk earlier this week that he would come up for tomorrow's game here in chicago but he is not that'll still be dylan covy joint cubs admits tonight at six fifteen in new york mike montgomery to the mound you darvish still on the disabled list the mets counter with the red hot jacob degrom whose foreign with a one five two era this year rafael nidal surged through round three of the french open beating richard gasquet in straight sets which is not unusual that all is not only never lost to his childhood friend koska hasn't even taken a set from the doll in a decade kevin anderson diego schwartzman marin chile have advanced john is ner on the dock doc it rather in just a bit on the women's side simona halep winner serena williams to play in a little while as well the leaders of the memorial have their work cut out for them because the field is charging what key neiman and kyle stanley are still tied at eleven under par they have yet to tee off it's about an hour away but anirban lahiri is five under through at the midway point of his round so he has nine under overall tied with beyond on and then roy mcelroy's right.

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