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Not even all of them think y'all all okay so you know like what do you think has been the problem they're why none of these great basketball men have been able to succeed there will and by the way you could add mike tony who of course now is it's not houston he was an idiot he was tony was an idiot new york he's a genius again he he learned a basketball alert a lot a lot lot more about basketball the last five years clearly donnie walsh left here under a cloud you know it's yeah probably one of the more successful teen years right of those guys we need in new york he he did right and he left anyway because of the egg relation and you know just didn't wanna put up with it anymore i mean listen the every question about knicks instability and that is the in their dna now instability whether it's the front office coaching staff roster that instability is part of madison square gardens culture and that stuff always goes the topic goes to the owner goes the jim dolan and this is this is his legacy this is what he has created an environment where even the best in the business as coaches as gm's have a hard time exceeding here now there are some details that are important of course along the way jackson was probably never the best to hire a team president in the first place job he'd never done before but still that things end badly here for legends of all stripes you know it doesn't happen that way over and over and over again if there's something wrong with the organization itself and of course there's something wrong with this organization so you know dolan to his pseudo credit when he hired phil said i'm gonna do this and get out of the way i have concluded i am not good at basketball which was the right thing to say it was probably a line that was sped to him by somebody else but he from everything i gather he pretty much stuck to that and he held to his promise to not interfere but he probably places faith in the wrong person and i say that somebody who has great respect for phil jackson and likely lot obviously covered in for five years la but i don't think that that you know.

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