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Be three more cows and talking about forty niners. Qb's to albert. Beer i think it's gonna be tough for lance to win the job just in terms of being two different styles of quarterbacks and maybe different styles of offense for both. I'd be very surprised if we did the way. Jim did with the way jimmy's playing. I put a lot of that on a kid do that. He's doing everything he can. He's very impressed with them so far. But i'd be very surprised if that happened. John lynch told this to adam schefter. Jimmy's big time competitor. And we haven't played a game yet but in practice in the off season and practice in training camp thus far. He's playing the best football since he's been here now. Here's the reality to going in. And i think some of you know this from playing in highschool those of us who played in college millet and the same rings. True in the pros. There's a lot of people that ask questions about. Hey anthony lynn for example last year. Okay if you ask anybody around the chargers now they're like how were we settling on. Tyrod taylor or terada taylor. Now you have to keep in mind that anthony. Lynn coach tyrod taylor in buffalo when they went to the playoffs and that tyrod taylor is a guy who never turns the ball over and he was replacing philip rivers who became turnover machine late in his career. But more than anything. taylor new. The offense taylor knew what he was supposed to be doing. He whereas it was completely and totally new compl completely and totally new for a rookie quarterback. And so when you have it's not just having sweat equity when you just know what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to do it. And where the ball supposed to go. It makes everything so much easier for you. You know so when you sit there and you ask yourself. How could just hurts. Sit behind tyrod taylor. If not for you know the team doctor in mistakenly the lung of tyrod taylor right. I mean just justin. Herbert is an absolute looks. Like an absolute star. You go to charge practice. And if you're like me and you've been to their training camp the past three or four years especially going back to when they had philip rivers like a. It's a different sport. There was just areas of the football field. That philip couldn't throw the ball to anymore. There are no areas of the football field when justin. Herbert can't throw the football too. He looks the party. Acts the part he feels. How could they have missed. We'll look trae. Lances the same thing trae lance has checks a ton of boxes for what eventually the niners quarterback can look like. But i can tell you this i again. This is it's different but it's the same. My first year in college. I went to notre dame played for john mcleod john macleod was a longtime eighteen years. A head coach. I believe in the nba. And i was. I promised i was told. I'd be the starting point guard and i would tell you three weeks in the practice. I didn't think i could ever play college basketball. Was that bad. Because you think you think you've played outstanding high school coach. I played for high level. A program i played in every different all star game. You know i played high level. Whatever the highest level and i played against college guys and pro guys in the summer. But i got there and they start setting real screens and running. Real offense and playing real defense and i was completely lost completely. Lost part of it was they. Were running style of motion offense. I'd never run before. There was no traditional secondary break. I'd never played that way before but more than anything. They were bigger faster stronger but they had. They knew what they were doing so it took about a month before i kind of figured it out and in all honesty i got to play long before i should've why because the coaches saw would ultimately my ceiling was which they all see see what trae lands they know ultimately trae lance is going to be the guy. It's just a mix of do we let it organically happen on. Its own where jimmy falls apart. Do we let it organically happen on. Its own where jimmy plays out this year and then contractually how wins over the locker room eight. It's a challenge. We know how it all ends. But how did they actually get to how it all ends. That's what i think is the fascinating part. We know trae. Lance is going to be the quarterback next year in san francisco but these next twelve months. What does that look like trying to read. The tea leaves and trying to believe the john lynch really thinks jimmy. Garoppolo is a competitor and capable of playing despite this intense pressure guy looking over his shoulder but also lived on this earth long enough to not believe a word of. Gm's tell anybody who's got panipat coming up next. How do you manage the situation with two quarterbacks. How do you manage having the next guy when you have a guy doug ways in general manager in the national football league he's managed just such a situation. We'll ask him next dugout. This her one more heard heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. My dad used to say that sure. Yeah it's from geico. Yeah whenever i would ask my dad for life advice. He'd sit me down and say son. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more and look at me now a well adjusted adult the drawer full of plastic bags. I'll never use okay. I'm confused was your data. 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I'm doing that head sideways thing from what's that bit in said i live right. Neither the roxbury can't stop doing it. I can't. I can't stop doing it. I can't i am stopping doing doug alley been for colin. This is the heard. Let's talk some football with a guy who's been gentleman's nash. Football league and he's been in the same situation so in this gm's where you have a young star quarterback who you drafted who you put equity behind and yet you have. You have a guy who has more experience than probably looks better in camp in practice. Doug whaley joins us here in the hurt on fox sports radio doug our you doug i'm doing great. I mean last weekend. Obviously last week football started and you had a induction ceremony these last two days and it just means every day holiday now. Football season started. Okay so you're the general manager of the buffalo bills and you draft. Ej manual right. Jim but i was part of that draft absolutely okay. So you guys draft you guys draft. Ej manual at the time was was fit still under under that big contract there. What was what was the other situation for the rest of the quarterbacks on that team yeah fits still under that contract and we were really looking for somebody that would be the heir-apparent.

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