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Kiev report on kievan the championship game and what did you see in ukraine what can you tell us about what you observed in kiev the city police in the a lot of national guard we we observe that the liverpool fans were hungry to go to kiev despite logistical problems getting there than real madrid fans for whom going to champions league final just seems to be oh yes we're in one again so the neutrals seventy percent you book the tickets liverpool well we could do a whole thing on contingent markets and how you weigh for could better allocates judge seats but but away from the football and the very dubious behavior of sergio ramos towards mohammed salah and turns out to to the goalkeeper carriers as well away from that you know here's a country that's divided with the crimea the the west west ukraine on on the one hand being independent and and the eastern crimea's being under russian occupation the country goes on the biggest football team by the way donna chapter has moved out of the west coast even planning home state in america so they've had to move to western ukraine the record you brought this up tom you did this.

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