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For good sports and now now don't spoil the ending of four versus Ferrari Forum Adam Corolla on got to get it on traffic getting on welcome the show. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for sharing. Good Day geographic. The Ball Brian Brad Williams in studio though I don't have any bio plugs or any. I'll need to know about round. Yeah come here Improv this weekend. Orange County Irvine Improv itself. I'm coming at comedy. Works Denver New Year's Eve at the Tempe Improv and end. The idea we got from you guys were doing the the the Atom Rain Brad Williams. Halloween Spook Tackler at sea. October over thirty through November second next year twenty. Twenty did your Halloween this year. Course it did. It won't suck next year because we go. You'll crews from Long Beach to Mexico with me Adam Ray The goddamn comedy jam. It's going to be amazing travel by Parker Dot Com. Get those tickets bom profanity we will. We'll play good. Hurt me and me in a cow. DUGGAN's battalion even sound a lot. Like Matt find a lear. Please do ooh that's right. What do you need avenue man? Wow well it's that thing where like I didn't. I didn't know how to do the impression until I heard kyle do it and now I go like Oh. That's how you do it and it's weird impressions work where you have to figure out A little trigger words and things that work but yeah all right. Let's let's do the tale of three booms. Let's hear by the way I I think. I rented that on porn hub. John Lee Hooker Song Wailing. Boom we have a we have We have a call all damn again. Where do we have cows boom? Let's say that's right okay. Well then maybe we'll say that's right boss. Okay that's right boss. Let's see I was GonNa Start Getting residuals from all of these. No Adam already pays you too much too much out there you know boom from. I'm kyle quote all right. Let's do the quote. I'm GonNa close my eyes and we'll go in no particular order all right. Let's see hey. Hey how about you met and AAC them on. How about a new Matt Do it sound like mad at all. I got to work on that. What's wrong with what you just did there you just did with? OJ Did when he tried that glove. The wrong yeah. I'm surprised you try a British accident or something. I don't know way now just kind of thinking about that. This strategy of I'm GonNa take a guy who doesn't want who wants to struggle with this glove like no Jay. who were these attorneys first off? He's wearing a rubber glove already already. It's going to be difficult right. Secondly the glove has been sitting in the in the evidence room for two years I have heard with blood and shrunken down and then. OJ Does the move. You know the move for the infomercial where they go. It's a pot and Spaghetti colander in one tired of this happening and the woman like throwing the pot on her head like always in black and white white bright club that move. Yeah well as we learned from the seven and a half hour documentary that won best Oscar about the the people vs Simpson Number One. He didn't take US arthritis medicine that day. And what happens hands to this is this is according to legend. But it's been verified. Is I think it was f Lee Bailey baited you did and goaded. What's his face? Dardar doing it. He was like you got the ball size about field mouse. So you'll never do it and it's like like so so so Jason Works is murder. Trials is going to be like. Oh you know that no. They fit perfectly irons out wonderfully. I could have easily worn these on the on the night in question. No do that speaking of the night in question. That's not too far from where I live. Brentwood is little bit north and not at all. No I'm in the southern part. If you drive past it it is exposed to the world. It's not like inside. You know what I mean like. I was shocked. At how like Oh he was five feet away from my people walking their dog. Yeah that's crazy easy. Only Ring Doorbell exists. Then we have one youtube you can go back and solve like every seinfeld episode so can be done with a cell phone now late yet we can solve every crime now that the ring doorbell do you Does everyone kind of remember where they work. Is You know where the remm a generation ago was. Oh when Kennedy was shot I remember where it was. I do remember during the the the Bronco Chase. Yeah and and just hearing the first reports and stuff I was doing. I was working at bodies in motion on the west side. I was rebuilding the gym for the Guy Right who owned it for ten bucks an hour so he would let me teach boxing. So that's like I was in Mizo trooper. I was living in lock Chris. Santa and I was driving being over to like Olympic and motor or something. Just go to the GYM Olympic a Monday. Yeah it's just a single story little boot TIKI. Whatever I store front up kind of Jim? That's ocean. That's where I was going with my Zuzu and it was also it was. It was weird because if you work at a gym work work on a gym the gym ours like six. Am to ten pm or something so you have to start your work at ten thirty at ninety right and then you have to work through the night and cut out at four or five in the morning and I remember being in there listening to love line every night because I start work at ten the loan in this gym mounting heavy bag hanger God if one day I could get onto that radio yeah dreaming. Bub Anyway PLOP brats literally literally interesting news for US literally. I just got off the phone phone with Jerry Rice. I was doing a take a knee. podcast I totally understand going from like Jerry Rice Brad Williams. It's replaced the lines are blurred. Where does one stop the other begin? You can't tell us apart same career.

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