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Coaches were at the refs, that is straight from the NBA gamebook, by the way, and I'm not against it, per se, but when you do it, that energy that involvement that passion, that rage, that blood in your head, it makes you do things. And that clop of pregame charm of intelligence and value. Let's just say you might not love later in the game in the light of day. What he did and we'll get to that. But credit Liverpool really, really because they channelled their rage into potency. And they summoned an equalizer from what is fast becoming their most reliable non sulla origi source of goals. Diogo Jota. Yeah. Fantastic, fantastic gold Diego Jota so good, you know, we were on with AA 9 skills on a huge Portuguese fan on Twitch and he made the point that Jota never does this for Portugal. But what a goal, and if you watch that again, it was so good. He slapped his head back, you know, so difficult to make that header. It was almost behind him and he snapped his head and just great header on target. Rope with the cross from the byline and the goal led to Liverpool resurgent 12 shots at goal in that first half laurice had to be on magnificent form parrying particularly from Trent to keep things tied at the half into the second property proper fight heavy swords, cavalry passion, commitment, no quarter given Delhi, might have had a penalty at one end seen him given territory, but Liverpool decently responded charging down the other what did they do breathlessly, Dave? 69th minute. That's politics music. And it was Robbie. Yeah, robbo. I mean, it's a slightly scrappy goal. I think Salah had a chance. There was a big bit of RG barge in the penalty area. I hadn't seen the build up yet. Oh, yeah. That's right. Wouldn't have been would not have been given last year. Yeah, a pretty clear handle from salad in the area that inadvertent though, so they've changed that role. The ball comes back in robbo was standing there in the right place to make the header and there it is. Two one up. And this spurs and we laugh at Conte, we laughter this management techniques, revolve solely around hair systems, theatrical gesticulations of silent movie stars and widespread condiment bands, but these immediately made their spurs resilient in his image and their equalizer. Okay, created by Alison, a terrible blunder league leading fourth of the season and slight digression. Maybe that's why clock wanted to make the postgame storyline all about the refereeing and not, you know, deliver palace, but it fell to the feet of the one man on my coffee mug. That I was drinking live on Twitch and as our Twitch viewers know David, my coffee mugs have channel like to make overblown claims. You know, I don't write. No, you never would. But my coffee mugs have changed the game in both matches that we've twitched. That's science, right? You can't argue with that. Yeah, well, especially because you will never bring another coffee mug out in case your coffee mug streak is now called into question. Yes, your coffee mug didn't lie. You faded Sonny coffee mug rod. Tottenham Tottenham store, if you're listening to washes and sonic faded almost completely off the front of my joyful coffee work, I've got hundreds of football coffee mugs David for every twitch scenario. One of my favorites I'm drinking from right now is Rafa Benitez lifting up a Newcastle scar. He just become their manage in a way he's never looked happier and I'm happy for him at Newcastle but you know I'm also happy for sonic scoring on this 300th appearance for spurs. I think Klopp explained the way Allison's blunder said he's an offensive minded goalie. After use that one for Jordan Pickford when he next got accepted, he was just being offensive minded, right? Yeah, well, I mean, he was out of his area trying to intercept that ball. And so he couldn't use his hands. I think probably didn't want to use his feet for fear of getting red carded. So he used nothing and Sonny rounded him and great finish and goals from son and Kane. Great fight back by spurs once they went to one down. I didn't believe they had it in them. But great fight back. And then the biggest talking point in the game 76 minute, Robertson, when the swiper no swiping on Emerson Royale, a red ride. I mean, we're not arguing that. Yeah, I think once you looked at it, it looked like that could have caused honestly like a leg break. It was a high, you know, late, you know, Robertson, you know, contending that he was like, got the ball or was going for the ball, it just seemed. It seemed like an angry vicious foul. Yeah, an anger that may have been tied to the game foul early in the game. I'll tell you this hard to take when change was not a red and S, there's a rule now in effect and there might be because, you know, Kane, after all English, almost Churchill in English. I mean, Harry Kane did win us the Battle of Britain, David relentlessly returning to the skies in his Spitfire to knock down those mesher schmitz and no stukas, which has got to count for something and robbery is, well, Scottish and therefore utterly terrifying to pull Tierney and all English man. I'd say the inconsistency of this game hard to take for both teams. It was one of those games where both sets of fans were left howling Salah, the Hamburg and the bullet to the goal. Should Delhi have had a penalty should Joe to have had a penalty watching cater get a yellow for complaining about being elbowed in the face not the greatest and that's before you get to the red to non reds. It was almost like the referee match bad decision for bad decision in this one and we were left with Klopp, marching up at the death to pull tinny and dressing him down. I'll say knowing full well the mics would pick up his words. They were right there, the mics in, in I shot. I only have a problem with you. 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