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And I see that more more that people just you know they wait they say oh all travel later because I'm worried about money or I think money's gonna run out ten I guess I am going to wait till your later can't travel you can't travel because Ralston you know this element comes up for this comes up right and then you you know you just can't do it at a client's ASEAN Sunnyvale her her mom lived in Sunnyvale and her sister kept bugging her bugging her to do all these things and she goes well no I don't want to spend the money and all this stuff and then she ended up with Alzheimer's and never took those trips passed away and left them a two and a half the sold for seven hundred thousand over asking it's crazy yeah two and a half million dollar house and then my mom was worried about leaving them enough money I mean that was just crazy this and it's like go out there and do those things you wanna do but lots of times people don't because it will only get social security and that so much much higher razors maybe I didn't save up enough and then you got one half a million million dollars two million dollars sit and literally all surrounded by you your house and you just don't want to turn that into money and turn that into fun and enjoyment and all my gosh it's so it was not the point retirement point of life I mean yes I I never advocate to advocate to go spend at all but enjoy your life while you can not saying Kardashian level you know no you know just streams and all this now but do things that are going to make you happy because as the older I get the I realize what we're here today and tomorrow may not come what is the phone number for him to get a hold of you and and and do that consultation which and.

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