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Give him a run for his money. Jeremy Irons was great to get a lot of good Alfred's. I bet you can see Jeffrey Jeffrey Wright as a villain. We'll Gordon's villain. He's playing commission off saying I could see him as a villain though yeah me too like I'm just playing a villain not Gordon. He's a a Great Act Amanda. I mean the way he went toe to toe with Anthony Hopkins. I'm saying that now because you just said Thailand Lancaster him playing Alford similar to better than Jeffrey Wright plan offered we'll Jeffrey Reid's playing Gordon. Oh I'm I'm thinking Geoffrey. Geoffrey Writers Alfred I only official passing. We have implying Gordon Hugo Hugo. What's his face strange okay. Thank you very much yeah so so. There's an offer you know. Alfred is not officially kasat old British Dude Pencil one. That's like becoming a prestigious role for old British guys you know they want to Alfred when you're older so you're distinguish Jeremy Irons the moral for the old so get in and it's like being Batman for old guys be funny the Christian Bale to play ironic enough he would do that. They had them all Matthew mcconaughey between to the movie and it's like who do you think's GonNa die from losing weight fast enough. you're Christian. Who Do you think's GonNa die. I from losing weight. I don't know I like I don't like Jonah Hill's but I like Jeffrey right so there you in general or just in this movie really. I don't like his personality why he seems like addict. I thought he seems like he loves being Jonah. Hill and it's like you don't get your Seth Rogan type. You Know Seth Rogan doesn't seem arrogant. He nosy eighty South Rogin right yeah he hasn't been nominated for two Oscars like if he can't get us replace series though I feel like Joan Hill pull rank iffy like at a packed restaurant like like you know what I am yeah. I'm Joanna Hill. I could see that you know we started doing two. Time Academy Award nominee that's in like in this says the end they kind of play off at that funny but all right. Let's move onto the next door here game of thrones Prequel yes he had a game of thrones news. What's going on with this game of thrones prequel well. It's it's a game of thrones and it's going to be set before original series thus making it a game of thrones prequel yes set before the yeah that would because if it comes after its sequel. Yep what's what's the way I like to remember it. As pre usually means before before and sequel tends to be after wait say that again. I gotta run it down. Do you like this more than a long night. do you know what it's about. It's our game yet. It's our Gary to come up and they're saying it could be a gal conquest or there's another. There's a target area and civil war referred to who has the dance of the dragons. I Like I love to see the the conquest because you know what we heard the conquest all every single day they talk about talk about George Washington. I mean father the country he's show me he goes around and just Fox people up except for Dorn. I guess they could kind of did he. skips Thorne thorn he skipped Dorn or did he just like no. No he tried to conquer dorm but they would like hide. He's like off air these guerrilla tactics where they would abandon warfare. Y- yeah but he's like they were very pesky annoying so again like I say our guys beer own but then they took out one of the dragons infested area wants beautiful. I don't even like it the beach and clearwater. We don't need dohrn yeah. He's trying to Payton Nathan is like Oh. It's like the greatest place in the world. The fucking water springs and Dad. You said we were. GonNa dohrn beautiful north. He's hyping it up the whole time we didn't get door and officially commutable area great people great infrastructure real estate gets bags like yeah. I don't even know what you're talking about. How like I. I know you wouldn't like it. Where's the third dragon weather beaches no standard. I would like to switch it fell now. That's see ever been to winter fell ironic. He's the ironic enough. I was watching South Park when they become pirates and carbon promises Clyde. They've this beautiful. I love that beautiful like you know it'd be pirates in Somali. He's just started hysterical crying on the that's a great episode. I wouldn't mind this though a gone but also I. I think I would prefer the dancer dragons but at the top of my list would still be oval area. If you're gonNA give me gatherings if you're gonNA give me dragons. It's all Valeria. It's completely new stories new families new characters. Here's we know how it ends with malaria but that's not the personal political ending and they could find a way to tie that in and then maybe do a conquest after the target audience this dragons. That's you're selling point for. What's come out so far. It was set three hundred years before the original series which we know that's right around the time of the Conquest. I think doc the doom when they've been left that was I think they were there for like a hundred and something years before they actually are gone actually took yeah. They were on dragons for fifty one hundred years. Yeah wasn't didn't leave with them. It's a little while so that leads me that leads me to believe that's correct. It'd be Aegon's announce conquest but then they said they're gonNA adapt fire and blood which chronicles the history of talk areas from Aegon's or roughly gones conquest to modern the modern timeline. I thought gone discovered Dragon Zone. No that was basically the that was like a target area and outpost they were there for. I think it's before the doom of Larry they were already there. Do they know dragging their that was the furthest for the westernmost point of the Valerian freehold but did did they know dragons were there. Are you question no dragging sewn tr- yeah yeah do they know dragons dragons like the people in West Coast yeah they kind of knew but that was in western territory. Oh okay yeah yeah because it's just an island. It's on on the coast. It's not connected to continental west rose so yeah nobody really claimed because West rose was divided into seven kingdoms at the time and the navy onset none of that role one now ah blaring the black drive when you roll up on that boy. Do you guys think the the the hardcore fans at night. No one's that hardcore fans. I didn't and read the books so to me the target Prequel I would enjoy more because of how much I know about it just from his from the shows why do they they do if if the general public would want the Gary and one more than the long night it's easier sell I would I would say but it depends what error they wanna do if they want and I think they should do like like an anthology where they go. They chronicle all the biggest moments from the tiger tugay dynasty. You could do Aegon's conquest one-season then he can do the dance the dragons backfire rebellion Robert's rebellion. You can do all those different things walnut sticking to I guess one period and it's tough where the situation of some of the events will actually very interesting but I don't know if you can do a four five episode series on a lot of them so so if they want to. I think that would be the way to go. You can get bigger actors with limited series like we've seen Mersal Ali Amy Adams. Doing these limited series if you can get. I don't know like Alexander Alexander Skarsgard to do a King Aegon like you can get where they board Jona. He'll join a health range. He's he tells the rain. We talk a lot about marvel being in like it's new like the new era it's weird seeing the new era in game of thrones not seeing the same characters ars in there yeah yeah. I think so I think it's it will be but maybe not because it will feel like something else because it looks like they are going high fantasy missy and the show itself was always praised for feeling like medieval period drama with kind of the magic underlying underlining the main story with this. It looks like the magic is going to be at the forefront. We've got conquests. You can delve a lot into his moral struggle. Yeah like hanging sisters. Rainey's bang both now one right right moral struggle no I'm. I'm saying like if he's going to. He's going to be your main character. He's via main character and you kind of have to have them related. You audience a little bit while he's going around. I guess the people massacring people right. We all love Jamie right well. I think we got that out of our system as a society one of my favorite rulers actually because he he did rule with an iron fist but he was also very fair and he's also very pragmatic and he he knew how to keep the kingdom's under control but he wasn't afraid like we saw with Generis to this obliterate your city. It's like yeah. I'll be fair with you if you recognize it on the king if not then you're done by by yeah so that that's pretty much pretty much what she she did. she kind of she kind of went more on emotion like even when like if he heard the bells he'd be like. I One yeah yeah definitely he knew how to he knew how to play the game much better but maybe deniers would have learned but we just never saw. Thanks a lot moral code. Yeah Yeah you kind of did but yeah. Let's move onto the next story here. We have reports that Ironman is going to be in the black widow prequel now nash. What do you think about this. your big arm magazine huge on man and you like black widow Scarlett Johansson. It's okay. It's okay sure that's going to be the BLU array quote. It's okay well. I'll just throw it all you guys. What do you think about this ironman coming back for the Black Widow prequel movie. It's supposed to be set after civil war Robert Downey. I junior reprising his role. Do you guys like this. I love it yeah. You love it. I love seeing ornament and I'm so upset. He's gone so take me nineteen again. I would have preferred for this to be a surprise. You got to sell it right. I mean part of homecomings marketing was how yourself I want. You sound black widow sheesh. You think we'll do well in the box office but I think Iran probably Ed's a few hundred million so what might have been like seven hundred agent million dollar movie goes. Two billion is there. Is there a cap on him today. Do Is there a report out there. How long he'll be seen anyone no? I think it's way too early. I think the movie is shooting now so more might come out but yeah this to me. I don't love it because it's kind of like when Hugh Jackman when Ron Reynolds wanted Hugh Jackman Ackman to come back to do a Wolverine Deadpool prequel movie that set before Logan and he Jagmett's no logan was the final goodbye to this character it's similar because seeing him again obviously asleep we'll take place before and game so within the the the timeline of the MC you he's still alive but to see him again after we're having that emotional goodbye to me kind of diminishes a diminishes it a bit but not so much that it's going to ruin what happens in endgame but I do want that to be the.

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