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And there's there's feeling in my chest. And it's still in Raja sown. Which doesn't happen with implants this foreign thing when you just have a scar. There though, when you take a shower when you look in the mirror, isn't that a continual reminder that you had cancer? Well, yeah. Of course, it is. It's the map of of who we are. And I don't want to forget what I've done I've been through still more than half a female, breast cancer patients. Nearly sixty percent who are offered breast reconstruction take it. I think that for us as surgeons we feel that if we're going to take a body part off that we should replace it with something that looks just as good as Dr Deborah Axelrod is a surgeon and the director of clinical breast services and New York university's Pearl. Mutter cancer center, she says reconstructive surgeries have greatly improved. And yet she grease that looking good can have some unexpected. Aw, Bax, you know, if your stomach sleeper, and you have an implant it's like sleeping on a frisbee. Sometimes Dr Axelrod now regularly discusses the option of going flat with her patience. These things still the majority of women will choose reconstruction rather than going flat into his it's the image of our bodies. We want to be whole beauty is something in in the mind in the heart. These women hope to change that perception, we're just as in. And we're just as much women as they were before hand. There is a growing awareness and acceptance of going flat, they say this ad campaign for a national, Jim. A fashion show last year and the websites that offer stories sell fees and a sisterhood. What it's done for all of us. We can't even express your your emotional. Why tell me what y'all, but tell me I wanna know about the friendships. That we've made it's been made incredible friendships. Friendships that have helped each woman except what they have lost. And also what they've gained. I love my body. I love my body more than I ever have before. I see the beauty. I see the strength. I see the strength of my conviction. I am not doing that to my body. My body is good enough. Sunday morning on CBS News Radio continues.

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