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Thank you not today. Got paid a bedtime boy. Don and joe walsh. Is that what the eagles are now. Essentially i think it's still go. Glenn fry stole life. No his son this things. Oh really the ban on another. That's cool. I think every day. I ask of someone still alive or not and i'm surprised by the as you know the answer to that i didn't that's why i asked. I wondered if he was. Because i know they had a falling out years ago. Don handling glenn frying in the hell freezes over tour that will we'll get back together with hell freezes over in an ad hell freezes over tour but actually i know if he was not performing 'cause he was dead or he had an issue with the guys and yesterday was scott weiland. I forgot it passed away in twenty fifteen of stone. Tell pilots anybody else's dead andre the giant past past. Yes his numbers. Big guy though. Casket seven footfall five hundred and twenty five pounds from grenoble. Franz from he died a long time ago on. Yeah yeah look at al making death funny. Bring us back for good friday. Yeah that's right. Hey babe the morning show with boomer esiason and greg analogy boomer and geo i asked c. laws. I don't even know what ceelo does for fun to watch his kids..

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