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I mean, he's been a solid player over the course of his career at last season was one where I don't think it's necessarily his fault and looking at his stats according to pro football reference. I mean he came into league two thousand eight bass few years. Like last year he went ten and six four thousand yards twenty touchdowns twelve interceptions touchdown numbers definitely down compared to two thousand sixteen through thirty eight touchdowns only seven picks nearly five thousand yards two thousand fifteen for nearly forty six hundred yards. Twenty one touchdowns sixteen pigs. Two thousand fourteen forty, seven hundred yards. Twenty eight touchdowns fourteen peaks there. So, I mean, the guy has always been get quarterback and he's always put up good numbers. Except for maybe last year with touchdowns in two thousand fifteen, but either way they're gonna. Add aspect have a bounce back year. I think he'll be fine. Got a new weapon, and Calvin Ridley more Taylor Gabriel. But like I said, I think you'd be it'd be much happy with Calvin Ridley out their defense. I mean, the defensive line is solid. I'd say the linebackers are the weakest unit of the team, but it's not necessarily one where the linebackers like stink or anything like that. It's just the secondary and defensive line is better than that linebacker unit as far as what they do at their job. The leg. I said, linebackers are fine. It's just don't bet on the defensive line or secondary and speaking about the secondary expected to have a decent game today. I could see Nick foles throwing a pick or two tonight. And I mean, you look at Nick foles preseason performances. That's what's kind of scaring people away. I get that. But if you look at it, I mean, you really think Doug Peterson is going to open up the playbook to make Nick foles look better in the preseason. No, you're not going to do that. So I don't necessarily put Nick foles preseason. I don't think that holds any weight there. I mean, if the guy comes out and is playing poorly for the first couple of games as a starter, then, yeah, that might be a problem. And let's say, let's say somehow some way Philly ends up taking tonight's game. Let's say they beat Tampa Bay. Let's say they win week three. Let's say full or Wentz MRs another game when they start off four, no. When's is gonna be the starter right? Or do you think maybe there's a bit of a Cubie QB comp controversy there what's kind of don't fix what is broken. I mean, if Nick foles can somehow go three and four. No, to start the season. Maybe you stick with the hot hand. And again, I think I'm just trying to stir stuff up here, but it is a question that can be asked. I'd say. I mean, we saw over in San Francisco with Alex Smith and Colin Cowdrey, Alex Smith getting concussion capper. Nick comes in an absolute lack. The legal and far I mean cabinet on those forty Niners team was one of the best quarterbacks in the league. If we're being real here. I mean Green Bay had no answer for him. The guide nearly one was bowl. It wasn't for Jim Harbaugh calling calling three fade routes. When they were in the red when they're at the goal line on that last few moments of the game, San Francisco, probably win the Super Bowl call a capital, but either way. Yeah, look at the game tonight. I'm gonna go with the falcons winning. I'm gonna go with the score at twenty two thirteen falcons kick a couple of fills score couple of touchdowns. Maybe you see one from Julio Jones. I'm sure devante Freeman will find his way into the end zone. I think that we get a touchdown from JJ tonight. Nick foles for about two hundred and forty yards throws a pick, doesn't necessarily look bad, but doesn't necessarily look good..

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