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Making thirty-seven. Welcome back into a funny friday here. noko now send in your Best jokes for twenty dollars gift card to the tavern at saint michael's square text 'tatanka girl tax on at nine seven zero four seven eight one three zero one nine seven zero four seven eight thirteen o one k of k to that number if your new subscriber and you will be subscribed and to go. It's nice on the show that we like to highlight of the events happening northern colorado things to be looking out for and obviously twenty twenty a little bit of a wrinkle in that side of things. But it's nice to be able to talk about them this year already. Joining me now with the city of greeley is jerry. Picketed discuss these spring. Clean up coming up here and just next weekend jerry. Thanks for joining me this morning. Well thanks for having me well. It's a little a little busy this morning with all the snow on the ground everywhere gotta end early which was good good now. Good deal good. Deal jerry so talk us through so for any greeley residents who maybe have not have not taken advantage of this spring cleanup weekend. Talk us through it okay. Well it's friday. April twenty third and saturday april twenty fourth. It's from eight to five and it's just a good way to clean up your your your garage or basement. That kind of stuff. We'll take almost anything and There's you know three different places that you can only load stuff The first one is on h. Ages in henry street eleventh avenue north of the poodle river. And that's where you end up you know mattresses furniture Any of that kind of stuff. tires in enron. We're asking people to do is separate like their iron and that kind of stuff. 'cause we actually Sell that to anderson's and try to make a little revenue off of them and then Then there's a household hazardous waste which is just north of the site and that's done by well county house you know well county That's a household hazardous waste and they take batteries and cell phones and paint and any of that kind of stuff that jim clinton every garage. You're not gonna use anymore. And then the third side is out at The grow center which is green lice. Waste center which is on east eighth street and they got eighth street. Clothes going eastbound. So you have to come in avenue but they take all your greenway. And then there's a there's a fee for that so those are the things that are happening and just want people to take advantage of it. 'cause it's only ten dollars per load and that's pretty cheap to get rid any your stuff that you might now down. That's what i was just gonna ask. Is there a free or anything like that. Excuse me a fee or anything like that ten bucks. Not bad at all jerry is. Is there anything that you guys won't take when people are loading stuff up to potentially come out there and and drop off. Yeah tv and electrical and electronics. That actually has to go shape rehabilitation center. They take those. We don't take those Because they don't want them in the landfill because everything that we take either goes landfill recycling. And we don't do that. So there's a small fee for that and then they're just open monday through friday so there'd be open friday from nine to two that will be open after that but then i mean that's something they can do all year long. They don't have to wait till this week weekend. Do that tacoma tide jerry. Piggott with the city of greeley about the spring cleanup. Weekend coming up next weekend And jerry they do need. There does need to be some sort of proof of residence of greeley correct correct. I need to be the be degree and then We need to get their zip code just because Need to find out We'll get a grant from girl with grey urban renewal and we need to show that We really concentrate on the lower income folks and So and that's worked out pretty good so Just want everybody come out. It looks to me like the snows over now. And there's going to be beautiful next weekend. Yeah and that's going to be perfect because you're to be everybody's gonna be walking down. They are. Why don't even have that well next week and they can get rid of it With the spring. Clean up so we just Is a great thing for the residents and we encourage everybody to come out and said cleaner yard cleaner garage or basement. Any of that kind of stuff. There really isn't anything we don't take we don't we don't wanna just household hazardous waste. She can do that with you. You know it's a waste company. You don't need to bring in out there that anything else. just bring it out. I mean we've seen boats. We've seen campus you know. Let's actually a pretty good question. What's the craziest thing that you've seen. Come through there. Probably a boat was it. Obviously it had to be like an old with value right. Hey well your vehicle take off with it and that kind of stuff. We just kind of or been tickets a landfill. So that's probably the craziest thing. So how long. How long's the city of greeley been putting these on only forty six years. Don't just just forty six too long at all. It'll be good to get back out there and get this going again next weekend And again check out for any more information. It's really gove dot com where you can go and visit that jerry. I it'll be dropping stuff off as well. I don't know i don't drop stuff off. I try to keep it clean throughout the year. So i don't use that that to me. I love man. Well we tried to discourage people from doing that and Yeah just encourage everybody. Come out like said ten bucks Now they have a bigger trailer one the bigger trailers that than they have to buy a coupon at city hall for thirty dollars and then they can go straight up to all to the landfill that everybody else can come down there. And there's a two dollar fee for tires four tires and there's a two dollar fee per tire because we actually Contractor the company that actually recycles him. They grind them up and use it. So that There's a cost of us so we try to offset those costs. Do you normally see long waiting times over the weekend or is it normally pretty quick in and out well. Friday friday's pretty quick. Saturday can get it can get kind of. It didn't get along but we try to speed it up as much as we possibly can but then we gotta take safety in mind two. We don't get too many people out there with all that 'cause we got loaders out there and we got all kinds of different equipment and stuff so We have people there that will guide them to where they needed up and again anything appliances. We have an area for those and we take the three. Oh now so. We make sure that we can actually sell those to just for on. And we have an ira pile. We have a tire pile. So it's all it's all well as well done these guys. You got to do a great job. They've been doing for years and Again just encourage people come jerry picket with the city of greeley talking to us about this spring cleanup weekend excited to get this going again. Greeley dot com or call nine seven zero three five zero nine three thirty six. That's nine seven zero. Three five zero ninety three at thirty six. Well jerry i it it certainly nice to be talking about getting these things going again. I was about this time last year where things were starting to get. Shut down so nice.

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