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Whole life. You push yourself to be faster than Don f nine, pulling in nearly 70 million in North America. That's the biggest opening weekend for any movie since the start of the pandemic. Big Italian festival is making a big comeback in New York City this year. Son Genero Festival was cancelled last year. This fall, It will again take over Little Italy's Mulberry Street from September. 16th 26 will be marching bands floats and what folks really come for the mouthwatering food. Thank meatballs, sausage, pepper sandwiches, Chicken Parmesan can no eating contest. Are you hungry yet? Scott? Oh, gosh. You guys are killing. I'm salivating in here. By the way, cannoli eating contest. I would put our guys cc Chris Crawford up against anybody in here. Anybody? You might be surprised at this, but I actually not a big fan of canola. No. Listen, you give me to put put a plate of spaghetti ravioli. You know, whatever you want to put rigatoni bags anywhere. All I will go to town with the best of them, but But I'm not I'm not a big desert. What about pasta chart out? I am shocked. I literally have nothing to say at this point, not seen you. I've seen you eat Styrofoam out of a bag at four o'clock in the morning and you're not going to eat can always know the sweets. I like her. Just my grandma makes all like the little cookies like my grandma is the one that brings like the tray of all of the little Oh, that's like Modigliani makes some good Italian cookies. Yes, Yes. Alright. You're alright. 79 at Wdbo Scouting is with you. Let's get you five day brought To buy protect air conditioning and plumbing services Meteorologist Brian Shields. It'll be more active the next few days, a better chance of rain and storms back in our forecast of 50% chance of the scattered showers and storms today, a few could be strong highs in the upper eighties. Tonight some early showers and storms then partly cloudy temperatures down in the mid seventies. Tomorrow and Thursday. The rain chance even higher. It will favor the afternoon..

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