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Strayed. Couldn't seem to put line out of my mind all night. Maybe those old married men were right. Be Great to be coming down breakfast in the morning. This receive a loving greeting. Lear. Good Morning. Breakfast. Come up into little pieces Roy. You're not a seal. School. I'm glad I caught you before you dash off. I did a little patrol this morning and man and you've been reading comic books under your sheets after hours again. Don't you? Tonight I found dead flashlight batteries under your bed. Life back in and. Clear them up as an order and another thing you'll man. Right Morning Marjorie. Darling you frame dresses at Hogan batted narrow shoulder surgery, please. I'm talking Leroy. And must you bring the newspaper to the table? Breakfast is not the place. There to do nothing, but man talk. A woman can't get a word in edgewise. Coming. The papers! Children. Fashion section. I don't know what this house is coming to. Come down to breakfast, wonderful and you to start acting like little savages. Goodness knows I've tried to raise your children property, but. I guess I say. This I have I failed. I tried to be like a father and mother took you. Couldn't both. So. Perhaps. There's only one thing listed it. Get You? Well. Same is reading nothing with men. Talk around here. Perhaps, you need a woman in this house to talk to the plan with two understand you. More Yeah Wa nothing. But perhaps I should get married. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! Now I'm not thinking to myself. You understand I'd be doing it just for you children. Afraid to get married. With Leila ransom, and he'd Goodwin. Were nearly sued by that Spanish dancing. Just seeing impulsive in you. Might even talk to the lady about it today. This time when? I. Come Watch your wonderful. I, hope you never change. Marjorie I am going to change. Leroy MD forgotten something. Not that. Excuse yourself. That boy. Why is it whenever I think of getting married? Nobody takes me seriously. You get. Well. Sometimes I think I shoot very. Oh, get ready, baby! Job. Ain't no place around here. You have a wife through the word. Very in the first place, the young lady I had mind isn't a very good cook. Anyway, we could never get along without ready. We hope you stay with us for. That's fine with guilty I, just didn't think. If there was nothing to do, but another person in the house would even more to do with. Fragments the guilty and Maybe even more to do love. To do never thought of that three UCLA. Number. Thirty. You're. Young..

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