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Well look thanks very much thank you a day Tony George in the morning traffic coming up later on this hour what did you sneak alcohol into inspired by Jay Z. Beyonce and yes they took their own champagne gold or is inspired by what's in our refrigerator behind that really snuck in good morning travel yes Texan three one four three was going to try to we've got about with a big ring on the seven ten freeway southbound side if we get to del LaMotta saying second lane from the left is blocked out the big rain a cement mixer that are involved there so the drive is already having one now at imperial highway northbound side the seven ten Atlantic they did have the offramp shut down because of a car fire that's been re opened in the drive back to recover quite nicely still see delays from the one of five but definitely better speeds for your north on tracks there southbound six of five so that both sides that on the southbound side as well as at the ten battle cities of the five northbound delays from Rosecrans that'll stay busy up towards Beverly and if I had a for the south on fifty seven into Orange County delays there from temple to the sixty where they could have a crash in the brake lights again break handing out towards the question the five in the twenty two we just got an update on that closure on the fifteen freeway near the state line so with the end of a police pursuit in a stand up all kinds of things are happening there so north on fifteen is it shut down at the state line they're they're diverting the traffic that's already there to add nipped in road and you can take that over towards highway ninety five but if you plan on any time today they're saying there's no it's still a few hours out before they wrap up anytime today if you're planning on trying to get to Vegas take highway east on forty or towards highway ninety five to get out to that area the topic of what it's like to buy one hundred a lot to drive safely and keep your eyes on the road but unfortunately accidents happen so you need to be prepared if you are injured get the power of experienced attorneys today the one hundred a lot to you that's one eight hundred eight four three five two nine two.

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