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There and and just wondering what's going to happen next you're going to be broken into next carbonated broken into next like what's going to happen and all the elements are moving and you start watching kids not wanted to come outside and play anymore young families are moving out left and right and i it was it was nauseating because she didn't know what what to do next my family finally visible and said we've gotta move out before our house drops down to a value that we can't we can't afford or rather my dad and my mom so my parents ended up having to pay to move out of their house which was should have had a value much more than that and we ended up moving carterville just to get away from it and there was only one lady out of the whole show division who actually needed them memphis service and it was a fortnight a bus and she was the only one and this was before we were annexed just before we were in action and i think you're later after we had moved the the also division got taken out amazing and you lose and you lose all that money in a great community got destroyed by dna station and low income housing being forced upon you right and nobody cared anymore nobody cared to see what was going into the neighborhood we have a community meetings to do that and people stop caring and south people stop going because there was nothing they could do amazing and now you might get in now that same home you might be able to go back and buy dirt cheap and get back in there and it could go through the roof yeah i we ended up selling to a guy who used to live in an apartment and no telling what he did with it i think i drove by it once last year and the and the grass looks to have not been taken care of but i mean what can you do david thank you sir great point i appreciate the phone call five three five nine seven three to five three five nine seven three to eight hundred number one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two.

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