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I'm Lisa was Serra fox news the national transportation safety board now on the scene of the crash should of were of a World War two bomber while trying to land in the Connecticut airport it killed seven people we are looking at what how these were regulated right now under what part and what the inspection requirements are that's part of our investigation will have more information on that as this goes a lot Jennifer Honda Indy with the NTSB six others were on the plane officials say they suffered injuries ranging from minor critical the names of the victims have not yet been released the family of both John the man shot to death by former Dallas police officer amber Geiger speaking out after Geiger sentencing today his mother Allison John saying Geiger should turn to god while she's in prison my life must move on. but alive let's move on with change. there's gonna be a better the. and that better days starts with each and everyone of us got your was sentenced to ten years in prison after shooting John in his apartment while he sat on his couch her lawyers had argued she was tired from working alone shift walked into the wrong apartment and fall is John was an intruder we're learning more about the whistle blower complaint against president trump that's led to the impeachment inquiry house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff was given a heads up of a whistle blowers concerns the New York Times first reported that whistle blower approached a committee aide who shared some of what was conveyed to chef a spokesman for shift says like whistle blowers have done before this person contacted the committee for guidance in was advised to contact an inspector general it no point chips office says that the committee review were received a complaint in advance boxes jar hell print on Capitol Hill the Chicago teachers union says the strike will begin October seventeenth if there's no contract.

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