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What I'm really excited because we're gonna play the very first episode from the Boston Blackie series right now Boston Blackie of course was a fictional character created by Jack Boyle he was a criminal and safe cracker and master thief but he was rehabilitated in jail and that became a good guide used his knowledge of the underworld to fight crime he was known as enemy to those who make him an anime friend to those who have no friends now they were silent films from nineteen nineteen to nineteen twenty seven but then in nineteen forty one Columbia Pictures hired Chester Morris to star as Boston Blackie in fourteen films and then when radio back and they were able to sign Chester Morris for one summer season in nineteen forty four to star as Boston Blackie but then when they brought the series back he wasn't available because he was making Boston Blackie pictures and they hired Dick Colmar in a syndicated version and that lasted all the way into the nineteen fifties there were also a TV series starring Kent Taylor starting in nineteen fifty one three nineteen fifty three but we have the very first episode of Boston Blackie on radio now it's from June twenty third nineteen forty four call the Rockwell diamond this stars Chester Morris is sponsored by run self cert on NBC here is part one of Boston Blackie all our I. N. S. so be rich friends starting seventeen it is a good hour to trans continental flight seventeen over that system taken check transcontinental flight seventeen in Minnesota our flight seventeen minutes will power over these instructions check and see if you have male passenger occupying see twenty four passenger occupying see twenty four wanted by police over just checking my list Jones yep we got a man and twenty four I'm telling it is a full tower we have a man and see twenty four the name is traveling under is Jon J. Jones Jon J. Jones maybe that's the right name but the police want to they know I'm as Boston Blackie maybe.

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