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Actual abuse there's also new evidence ever regularities at the Manhattan jail were abstain was held before his suicide CBS's bill Rakoff says its lead to more changes Attorney General William Barr supporting doctor Kathleen hawks sire to lead the bureau of prisons a job she held previously in the Clinton and George W. bush administration's bar will also appoint doctor Thomas Kean is deputy director of the bureau the Attorney General said to be livid over abstain suicide in the circumstances surrounding it the warden of that New York City jail was temporarily reassigned several staffers were placed on leave following abstains death bill Rakoff CBS news Washington CBS news has learned abstain did sign a new will two days before he died Planned Parenthood says it'll fight a new trump administration gag rule policy it bars the organization from referring patients for abortions for now Planned Parenthood acting president Alexis McGill Johnson says they're forced to withdraw from the federal funding program we believe that the trump administration is doing that as an attack on reproductive healthcare if you keep providers like Planned Parenthood from serving our patients the el Paso shooting suspect is now on suicide watch officials with the county sheriff's office say the decision was made by the medical staff but they don't explain why Patrick crucis was placed under watch he's accused of killing twenty two people and injuring dozens earlier this month California has a brand new laws setting the toughest standards in the country but when police officers can pull the trigger governor Gavin Newsom signing Stefan Clarke's law and I hope that we can reduce the number of lives lost and we can begin to build trust and he'll I am honored now to sign this legislation twenty two year old Stefan Clark who was black was unarmed carrying a cell phone when officers fired on him twenty times and his grandparents yard in Sacramento president trump has nicknamed her Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren has offered her first public apology to native Americans or past claims of tribal heritage the democratic presidential hopefuls speaking in Sioux city Iowa.

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