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York ranger and in the second hour. We'll have eric bolling newsday yankees beat writer before we get started. I just wanted to give a shoutout tiger woods who was involved in a one car accident. Horrific accident this week. We wish him the best from recovery from those horrific injuries. He's had broken legs wishing him the best fast and speedy recovery and hope to see him on the golf course sometime soon so now without further ado the man you love to hate former new york ranger matthew barnaby matt. How're you doing tonight. I'm how are you doing good. I hope we didn't pull you off the golf course. I saw early in the day on twitter So when mentioned that. I don't know you were supposed to be on with them and you were somewhere golfing instead. Yeah last time. I was supposed to be doing a podcast and was eighty five and sunny and yes i heard you the podcast wall on the golf course but The eighty five degree weather. One else. And i actually couldn't couldn't couldn't finish. It was very very windy very very windy that day. So i apologize them but looking forward to them. I don't i don't blame you. I would do the same thing How is where you. You're up in canada right. Yup no gulf. Today i can tell you that It's it's freezing cold up here. So i'd freeze my balls off five golf course today. Yeah we've had long island's had a pretty brutal winter as well not as cold as it is a bad north where you are but We've had a couple of snowstorms we've had the cold weather and You know i. I mean my golf game hasn't been there recently Hoping soon you know maybe clearing the snow and can hit some golf balls pretty soon I gotta ask you. I gotta ask you before we get into anything else. You got a lot going on The barnaby thirty six thirty six I gotta take you back okay. March twenty ninth nineteen ninety-six It's a game between. You're playing for buffalo. Somebody by the name of guard. Snow is in gulf of the flyers. What were you thinking that night..

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