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Spooky rookie rookie has like what's a bouquet professor so it's so basically what you're trying to say is like a horror. Novel is a spooky buki. Yes tampa saved about the bubba dookie. Okay you can finish your stuff done. And i don't think i can say it would be helsing the bookie professor who us check your dracula autumn. Jesus christ are you okay. I can't yeah. This is an early early supernatural balls. I guess oh lord okay Almost hopefully i can get through it. Believe in you. Dean is talking to jamie and the bar. He says run a mission from god which is a famous line from the movie the blues brothers. Dan ackroyd character. Elwood's speaks this line. that's a good movie. I liked that movie. Unlike killer cons from outer space. Todd scott. He plays a security guard in this episode. Is the stunt double for jensen. Ecoles win the monster is about to die then. During the end titles the violin themed quotes the first four notes of young frankenstein's main theme also another good film. If a wonderful film absolutely wonderful king water love him by parents coated like daily. I saw again. I saw the musical is also a huge. I love mel brooks. And like i said i love. Gene wilder and mel brooks uses gene wilder in at least three of his main films easing sat on all the authors. And young frankenstein. All which are amazing. I agree but my mom would just randomly put zig into which the candle. I also would you like the. Hey oh hey and my dad. My dad did the fraud blue hair. Yes or the walk this way. Abby normal abnormal brain. My dad says that every time. I talked by fred. Abby abby normal. See it's so iconic so iconic. I wasn't going to mention it but i'm so happy because i really wanted to bring up young frankenstein. Okay i love. That movie. Blazing saddles were there at the Sorry ed to get off topic. But when they're at like the what is that the toll booth toll booth we're gonna shit load a dime. I won the fact that i picked out. Whatever you're trying to say about that. Part of the battle says a lot about our brain. Connectivity stuff i also like the steady as a rock. This is most shooting hand. And i also have. I'm so tired on my spotify. Because i love madeline kahn and that song is kind of my life. Now i'm tired sick and tired of love. My dad always goes gives the governor her off. Man okay sorry we could probably do episode mel brooks. I could have. I did a whole speech for speech class. Oh i wanna trip. I wanna trip to hollywood with a mel brooks quote. It's pretty awesome. Yeah i did a y. You had to basically say why order to the classic movie film festival. 'cause i was in journalism and turner classic movies came and did like thing at our college. And so i wrote this whole thing about how. I grew up with movies between my dad and my uncle and him coming over and explaining how movies worked and behind the scenes and all that stuff and how i fell in love with film and always wanted to be an actress..

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