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The Jane Addams tollway on the eastbound side. There's a crash right near meecham and it's blocking the two right lanes so good little bit good news there down from. Three lanes but. You're on the brakes between Roselle and him otherwise you're looking pretty good on the, Edens twenty two minutes, in and, out of lake cook and on the Kennedy you're at about thirty five minutes so here to, downtown, twenty, two, from, the, junction, about forty. To back, out to the big airport on the Eisenhower forty one minutes three ninety two downtown Twenty-eight from Mannheim, thirty, five Becker route three, ninety Stevenson, inbound just delayed by couple couple minutes thirty two minutes three fifty five to. Lakeshore drive twenty two from the tri-state thirty-three back out, to three fifty five and on the Dan Ryan you're looking at about twenty one. Minutes ninety fifth street to downtown on the inbound, side you're, slow from the, Stevenson to the burn, interchange outbound Dan Ryan Looking a okay as does fifty seven and the Bishop Ford just some typical delays on lakeshore. Drive for you this afternoon northbound navy pier to Chicago and southbound you're slow from the. Oak street curve to Chicago and keep in mind the lollapalooza closures southbound. Lakeshore drive the right lanes closed through grant park that will, pick up tomorrow traffic and weather together on the. Eighth every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM sunshine hot and humid temperatures in the mid nineties warm tonight that. Can in clouds maybe a shower mainly north of Chicago a low of seventy six could get some storms late tomorrow. Afternoon another hot day a high near ninety currently ninety. At O'Hare right now at one twenty nine at ace we believe there's nothing. Better than helping. Kids that's why we've been proud to support children's miracle never.

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