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When you think of the crest doesn't come to mind way have Meghan this stallion here as your 80 40 Guess what's up your eyes making value a hottie filling in for Ryan while he's off this weekend, Okay, so check this out a while back their diploma jump into this dirty river, and he did it. I believe he really did it. We were like in Finland for a festival and everybody knows I love to play through the dare. And I just really want to see how far he will take it and I have to tell you diplo. He's about their lives. Now, he says the old movers and diplo. I have not forgot about this. Coming through. And now here's my boy diplo with Morgan Wallace and Julia Michaels. If heartless, at number 27 So you're going on a countdown to you called. It's just one of those things you do and you're lonely and you're all about the chase. But you won't ever let me catch but along And you only myself. Tonight tonight with death, another kind of went out on Saturday morning came Leave leave. That's Harlan's by DIPLO. Morgan while in feature and Julia Michaels and number 27 What's up is making failure. Your guest health, a k a your hottest holes this weekend and pull a couple of weeks ago I performed on a beefy awards, and that was such a huge moment for me like that was one of my biggest Performances yet and I know all the hotties loved it. And I'm so happy that I got to do it. I told him. Look, I want to do like a mad next type situation, Jack. Well, he really came through with the production shadow to you to quote Thank you so much. Um yeah, that's just work came from anyway, not to beat you for having me It was so much fun. Now let's get back to the music number 26.

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