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Isaiah win because it's easier to move his contract I think first and foremost and secondly, I have a lot more confidence in the guy they drafted 50th overall than I do in some of the options that they have at backup tackle right now. Yeah, I mean, you hit it right there. It's that big if it's that big caveat. Where's taekwon Thornton out of taekwon Thornton truly needs a redshirt ear, I don't well, I guess I, under the old system, you can't move vagabond. Because you need four or 5 receivers. If they're going to Shanahan it up, and just use three guys, then maybe you're okay. Then maybe that makes it a little bit easier. So yeah, I could see it. I think it hinges on Thornton ultimately. But I could see it. Ultimately, though, doesn't it when you say it hinges on Thornton, if all they're gonna do is have Nelson Aguilar running wind sprints like he did last year. Well, you just got the fastest guy in the draft at the position, can't he just go out there and run wind sprints. I know that's a simplification, and I'm not the simplification type of guy, but when it comes down to it, if you're just asking them to clear out coverage anyways, then taekwon Thornton gets the reps. He's got the speed. We know that. And he's a fraction of the cost. I just don't see the argument necessarily unless you're really banking on the fact that if you slow play it with taekwon thorin, you're gonna have a perennial thousand yard receiver in the long run, whereas maybe they're concerned that if they throw them out there too early, then they have, then they deter his development, right? Maybe that's the case. But I don't know. What I would say to that is, I think at the very least, even though his numbers weren't productive, I think teams respected Nelson Aguilar last year. I mean, look how different defenses looked with him on the field verse off..

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