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Through one career incredibly successfully. And it wasn't enough. Tony Sherman co author of the book pop the genius of Andy Warhol notes or whole wasn't an artist yet. But he was going places. He wanted out of the kind of this small world of commercial illustration, and he wanted out of local celebrity in sort of Manhattan, lavender ghetto that he was a well known player in the Manhattan gay cafe society. So that is seen as the before. And after for Warhol when he made the move into art, the art he made changed everything, of course, the artist himself in a BBC interview from nineteen Eighty-one said, not really when you look back after all you were successful before you became an artist. Do you ever wish you hadn't become? An office when I was doing that. I was doing the same things I'm really not doing anything different. But when you were doing windows and drawing shoes. And so I don't see it any different. But looking at the before, and after that is what war drew and later how he used existing images stacked up and repeated over and over you begin to consider what happened when he made that shift what he left behind what he gave up what art historians used to call technique, if you think about the abstract expressionists, and how the hand was so important to art Warhol removed the hand in a way critic and novelist Lynn Telman, author of American genius. A comedy says Andy produced art in a very different way. Some people saw that kind of art making as in authentic. This wasn't art because he didn't make it with his hand. He didn't even talk. Like, I do the same thing every day. I go to work and pain. And I try and try to turn out his main pictures, I can use the number quite important doing a lot of pictures. Yeah. The numbers really important one thing. Everybody seems to agree on including the late artist. Dorian Robert rosenbloom was that Warhol was always in motion. He walked out of the ivory.

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