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On his game. Dabo sweeney has an exit interview with every player kinda gives them their orders moving forward through the spring and summer and some some of the things that trevor was working on footwork. He wants to be able to extend plays longer and better for this clemson offense and said you know i want to work on some of my mechanics. He was dropping his arm a little little bit too much late in the season so a lot of things that he's trying to build on for that sophomore season. He's got so much work with here that position. It's pretty <hes> pretty amazing. They get them for two more years hard to fathom how good he will be at the end of his junior campaign ladies. Thank you so much and we'll be looking forward to more more from you. As your trip continues here on this college football tour coming up on wednesday they'll be at another college football playoff team oklahoma check it on jalen hurts and company before heading to the other side of the red river with visit to texas on thursday. Let's welcome back in <hes> greg and andre let's shift back into the clemson tigers the reigning national champs guys when you take a look at their schedule according to the preseason coaches poll who knows how different the a._p. Will be <hes>. There's only two ranked ranked teams that they're gonna have their schedules texas ada evans syracuse. They're going to be heavy favorites throughout given that fact greg will start with you can clemson afford four to lose a game with the schedule and still make the plough it depends on the optics of the loss naturally so if they go out and play like ohio state did against purdue last year and lose by five touchdowns or like ohio state did a couple of years ago and lose by thirty plus to iowa then yeah. That's going to be a really difficult loss to overcome but i also thanks to look. The committee says every single time they put out a ranking. It's a snapshot of what they've seen in college football that season. They're human guys at some point. They have to kinda think about historically just how good clemson's been when put in a playoff scenario so i think just knowing that clemson clemson has been there done that and been successful in the playoffs. I think they would get the benefit of the doubt. If in fact they were to drop the only reason andre where i could see clemson not getting into the playoff is it there were four undefeated power five conference champions and i don't think any of us that i agree with you so in a sense but i i think the earlier the better so they can lose. Yes would be the answer but it's earlier in the schedule when they can lose so you can show <hes> the country and the committee that you bounced back. Maybe there was a player that was was hurt that week and you bounce back and you get to show the remainder of the season. What kind of team you really are as you progress through the season whether it's the a._m. Week or the syracuse week that follows really when you look at the schedule realistically mystically. I don't think there's much to it other than those two games <hes> there's some teams n._c. State has played them tough the last couple of years but <hes> aside from texas saying emma syracuse early clinton seems to have a path of smooth sailing so to speak that'd be interesting to see if they had a loss if they were compared to another one loss team that had a tougher schedule because we've seen it's just number of losses not necessarily strength the schedule. It's gotten you into the playoff college football teams taking the field to begin camp as our high school..

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