Riton House, President Trump, Fox News discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


There's only one registered trademark of that. C u. S. L. O. C. 13 people are now charged after a foiled plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Democrat blamed the president Trump in parts. Just last week, the president of the United States stood before the American people. And refused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups. Will, the president told Fox last night? It was his Justice Department that foiled the plot, and he tweeted the governor. Whitmore's done a terrible job in the Corona crisis, locking down her state. It's back to court today for Illinois Teenager Kyle Riton House who's fighting extradition to Wisconsin to face charges for killing protesters. Prosecutors say the 17 year old fatally shot two protesters and wounded a third days after a white police officer shot a black man several times in Kenosha. His lawyers and a court document filed Thursday. Say Riton house active in self defense, and sending him back to Wisconsin would quote turn him over to the mob. Critics say Riton House added to the tension by brandishing a weapon during the chaos. Others see him as a champion of Second Amendment rights, a legal defense fund for Riton House taking in millions of dollars in donations. Steve Rappaport Fox News There is now a lawsuit in Michigan after a woman who was alive was pronounced dead. They're suing for $50 Million. The family of Misha Beauty champ is telling the city of Southfield. To pay up the 20 year old with cerebral palsy suffered from breathing problems back in August, paramedics responded, but mistakenly pronounced her dead with the help of a doctor over the phone. A lawyer for the family says to me show was placed in a body bag left without oxygen and suffered brain damage. Funeral home workers ultimately realized she was still alive. Tom Graham. Fox News on Wall Street stocks may Rise again Dow futures more than 100 points higher in baseball's playoffs daily Dodgers, Atlanta and Houston All advanced New York beat Tampa based of the Yankees and raise will play a Game five finale tonight in the NFL. Chicago Tampa Bay 22.

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