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All right. We're back and we're talking about the ruttles. So just like every good musical mock mentally has to have a disappointing sequel. I'm looking at you, spinal tap break. Like the wind. The ruttles also had an appropriate cash. Grab follow up with the two thousand and four special DVD's something or other looked like it was made for cable can't buy me lunch. So. Yeah. Can't buy me lunch. This is a very troublesome thing. And this is like I said, this is like everything that you like has to have the obligatory sequel that just kinda sucks, and I wasn't a big fan of camp by me lunch. I dunno guy saw anything of worth or of use in it there. There were few moments and using some of the footage that didn't make it in the first one. It was nice to see that. But it didn't need to be as long as it was. I mean, I do crack up I know air guide cracks up at the same thing of Garry shandling telling the story, you know, his favorite moment of the ruttles is when they're getting off the train, and the Germans are there and he stops thinks. Oh, wait. No, I'm confusing the rentals with Schindler's List. I'm like, all right. That's that's pretty funny gag, but otherwise, I can't think of too many things that were really funny in there to warrant the running time. I think a lot of those moments really critic just made interesting Davide. Extras. But it was with this film. Even given the of Saco is to further the story, regardless of whether it's a good furthering the story or not this is just basically telling the same story as in the first film, again, it's like, oh, we've got now a whole bunch of celebrities who are big fans of the ruttles all we can redo the first but tell it through their eyes. And so his bony, right? Oh, he's Steve man. He's Thome Hanks, we know all these people. Yeah. Let's do the first film again. But with these people in state of the why how did it in the first place? I even if they're a handful of Geck's there are high in fully gags, which yet that's how K, but it was a purposeless sequel more than I think just about anything of a watched real shame about is you have this sequel where it's only one of the ruttles involved and then at the same time you have a reunion album where it's three the other three ruttles involved. Granted idol does use music from from the the reunion album or the follow. I don't know if you wanna call it a reunion Alber, not, but he uses music from it in this sequel, cutting footage from first film to sink it which I was actually kind of impressed at the adding because if you're not aware of it, you almost think that they actually were playing these songs even though they hadn't been recorded yet. It just seems like a real missed opportunity to make a rudder sequel around the same time that the three rentals were promoting that new album. Yeah. Because I mean, they did a lot of stuff a lot of promotion for it would have been great time to to shoot some stuff and have them as older men. There's that one clip news clip of a Ron nasty being interviewed about are you doing this just for the money, and he says that line about no, it's not all about the money. People put too much importance on money. I mean, I I gave away my money all the time usually in exchange for. Things it. I'm like, hi still got that wit. You know, he's still got it. And I'm sure that was completely ad libbed is seems like they could have made a really great sequel if all of them had been involved, and they they thought it out, and they could still used a lot of the stuff that made it into what became the sequel, but it just seems like a a missed opportunity because by the time two thousand four rolls around. I mean, we had already had the what was it? Hell freeze over hell freezes over tour of the eagles. And some of these other bands swore. They would never get back together. There's something that you could parody right there. As far as having these things, the these musicians who maybe now hated each other all getting together and playing it out that way, I think that would have been a good way to hang your hat on..

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