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Lawyers have been approved AP. Correspondent Warren Levinson looks at his new legal team. Welcome to the New York state supreme court judge James berchtold Harvey Weinstein's new lawyers among the platoon of newly hired attorneys Jose bios who famously won an acquittal in the Casey Anthony case he is innocent. That is what Harvey Weinstein is said to this court that is innocent of these charges when he pled not guilty Weinstein is accused of raping one woman and performing a forcible sex act on another. Why has also represented actress rose McGowan one of Weinstein's earliest accusers in a drug case, she complained this is a conflict of interest bias says that's completely separate from this. Warren Levinson, New York Japanese whalers have been discussing plans to resume commercial hunting along the northeastern coast on July. First for the first time in three decades. The preparations follow Japan's decision in December to leave the International Whaling Commission, abandoning. Decades-long campaigning in hopes of gaining support within the organization that's largely become a home for conservationists. The fisheries agencies says whalers in six coastal towns are to bring five vessels to form a joint fleet to sail along the northeastern coast beginning July first one day after Japan, formerly withdraws from the I W C Japan will stop its much criticized hunts in the Antarctic where it had conducted so-called research hunts since the WC imposed moratorium in the nineteen eighties. A US navy veteran has been detained in Iran since July AP's, Karen Chambas reports the official word is he's being held on eight private complaints. Michael lights has been held since tonight. And it's a fest and Americans have been detained in Iran. Since Donald Trump became president his family says he traveled to Iran's visit his girlfriend who he Mets on line. And was detained whilst reports indicate that the case is still under investigation. There is speculation that the man faces security charges yet the latest reports not confirmed such charges under Lou a private complaint would reject allegations made by a citizen, not the states. I'm Karen Shammas. AP radio news. I'm Tim Maguire earlier this afternoon. President Trump went before reporters at the White House. Very proud to announce.

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