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Now see the case for somewhat more accommodative policy has strengthened. So far this year. The economy has performed reasonably. Well, with solid fundamental supporting continued growth and strong employment. We have incoming data in the United States that's been pretty good. Particularly for the consumer consumer spending solid supported by, you know, healthy job market, high levels of employment wages going up. Unbelievable. All is gonna feels gang coach coast around the country off the Wall Street radio network. Guests those allies. Now, I'm going to spike you today. Why everybody's so happy why the market's going up to hundred points when the signal that we are getting is a crash coming. I the recession than crash. And it's amazing how they use these tools to mask, what's really going on and use these lap on these financial shows TV financial shows to pump up the market when they should be warning. Warning to truth. If things are so good, then why are interest rates going down? Why are they pushing down? And why is the market going up if interest rates are signed of negative this. Recession crash. Lower rates. Always means economy is suffering economies. Not growing our commie. Remember? Is responsible for seventy percent of our GDP growth. Spending should say is responsible for growth. So everybody's happy today. We're happy. We're making my gangs making money, but what's really going on? What, what how saying yesterday I'm not going to tell you what he wanted us to come out away from that announcement. What he wants us to think I'm gonna tell you. Between the lines what he was really saying, I'm gonna trip it for you. See what he just said there. Those clips, I just paid. You gotta read in between the lines when he saying is we're going to have a definite increase. I mean definite hot. An interest and July. And that's why this morning when we woke up we're up two hundred points. Because anybody who is shorting market had a turn around and take those positions buying that pushing the market up. Nothing more than a big short-covering rally. Now understand this. Everybody thinks when interest rates are down the market's going up. That's a wonderful thing when it's just the opposite. But they mashed it. So you think it's just the opposite. Now he should've told you yesterday explained it clearly what's going on. He said, look. First of all, I want. Everybody understand United States. What treasuries are most people don't they're very complicated. But I'm gonna try to translate for you. What's really going to tell you the truth? I'm not going to tell you what my owners, the one hundred one percent twenty eight hundred of them who control the Federal Reserve. Who's annual income for the twenty twenty eight hundred people individual incomes are twenty seven million a year at least internet worth is thirteen billion. They own the they control the Federal Reserve. And I have to do what they want. So let's start out with treasury's bond yields. Treasury yields or interest rate, same thing signal. Either confidence in the economy. By high yield high interest. Same thing yields interest, fouled, by a strong dollar. So if there's confidence in the economy's growth and how well we're going to do, and that wages are going to go up and people are going to be spending. They have good jobs interest rates yields go up, and the dollar goes up a strong dollar indicates a strong economy. Or if there's no confidence in the economy. Fear of recession fear, a crash instead of high heels we have low yield low interest, followed by a weak dollar weak dollar means a week Connie. So let's think about what's happening today. But let's start back on November seventh two thousand eighteen. Interest yield bond yields have been dropping. Thirty seven percent. Now, remember what that means when the yields drop I ate interesting thing that means there's no confidence in the economy. So treasury yields since November seventh two thousand eighteen. Have dropped thirty seven percent from three point two one two two point oh one today. Now, you think the market, be going down? If you understood that, right? If I came out and said, everybody look man. Loonies interest rate. They are going she this what he should've said yesterday. Look at these interest rates look at these yields, they're going down. That means there's no confidence in this economy, by the big institutions who purchased stocks. The big institutions, and the Europeans who we gotta rely on who contribute forty percent of our stock market. When they see these yields going down, these interest rates going down, there's fear. So they shift out of the safety of the bond market. Shift out of safety. I mean, sorry they shift into safety into the bond market or goal. So he should've said yesterday, watch go is gold is going to go up because more people out of safety because seeing the decline in ills decline in interest rates, they're gonna head to gold. Yes. Some are going to go to the security of the treasury and bonds. And as long as you see the yields going down. You know, the aware, we're gonna have a crash economy's not doing well. So look at our goal price. I got my gang members into go along time ago before anybody else, do what's not going to say that to you. He's not gonna come out and point out, you look at the looking insurance going down. That means we're coming up on a recession. We're coming up on a crash. No, they got mesh that because seventy percent of our economic GDP growth from you spending. And if you're grumpy, you're not gonna spend if you have fear you're not gonna spend so they're not gonna tell you that. So they came up with a system to mask. What's going on? And to you. And then they have they're lapdogs who go right along with these guys on these financial TV shows. So the key consumer spending, which is responsible seventy percent of GDP, grow our owners, the one one hundred of one percent tile whose income is twenty seven million a year and worth is thirteen million who control the Federal Reserve decisions on interest rates will introduce Q E quantitative easing a confidence game. And the other tool is stock buybacks and accounting trickery. To boost stocks higher to create an allusion a real profit, whether just pay for profits and the allusion that the stock market, reflects the economy, there's a key to get you think the stock market going up or up, two hundred and three points today that you think the economy's terrific. Look at this the market's going up that is a.

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