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And so she responded in what she did not respond to the macaroni and cheese controversy as recording. Maybe she will buy. She. Well, the first the first of January you will in the matter of four days, which is power early. We're recording. She posted this like fully disgusting looking Gumbo. And everyone was mad at her. And then finally afterwards. She said like, well, there's only one ball left and Don cheetah like dead. So like fuck off. Honestly, Don Cheadle liked it. It's John Sheena liked it. It was fine. Although Don Cheadle is probably polite. He doesn't like, you know, what a great political controversy all of our political controversies should be this fun. I know I know, but they're not I hate to break it to you kisha, Lance bottoms cancelled she's canceled. She's scandal. She's still mayor, but she's canceled. No, she's very cancelled. So I wanna read this lead before I get into a game. A good man is hard to find an deodorant as even harder. Just ask Ashanti. Why would I ask Sean because she's currently obsessed with Copari coconut the odor? No, don't fake sooner parabens flip. They lates lates or silica. Wait. What does that sound familiar? Well. Oh, each to mount stick will set you back a hefty fourteen dollars a shot set the formula holds up even on the sweatiest days. I don't know why this story here. This is story on page six so Ashanti is clearly although I can't prove it being paid to promote Campari coconut deodorant would maintain. We're paid to promote Campari coconut Yoder, and we didn't get it in page six. No, I didn't even get a free one. I did. It was good. You got one. Yeah. I liked a lot of still use it. I I do. Oh, I do. I should I should E mail or guy and be like, hey, I don't think we found a way in Koper wants to re up their contract. We can find a way to talk about it. Actually, we just did. So Ashanti says I love how I love how you have to learn your lines like a, Sean Sean oil, and they're like Ashanti, tell spell apart could've and she's like, well, this isn't from Ashanti, it's vegan and it's all natural. It has none of the phosphate and all that fake stuff in it. And it's made from pure coconut oil, and it smells amazing. There's a lot of good stuff in here. And it works the true tests was that I took it to the gym today. So it's like she got the talking points in that said, we're gonna personal narrative as well. So she was like I brought up the gym like Shanti learning the word parabens. She's like, okay parabens flight flat filleted silicon's God. Like, you should you should mention the phosphate, you should mention fix up, and you should mention that it's made from pure oil. But you should also make it your own. Well, you're like reading what we were sent basically. So she did in addition to asking for more of the deodorant for Christmas Ashanti said she's planning to fill her loved. One stockings stop. You gotta Yoder into gun. I'm sorry. Like what sort of deranged gift giving gift-giving like flow chart as this asks for more Kapar deodorant from other people for Christmas? But then gives other people Cup are deodorant. She's probably getting a lot of free Campari deodorant. But she just asked for more of it for Christmas. Anchorage you go to Sean Ashanti's, Christmas, and you open your stocking. And there's just deodorant in there. You would be so bummed out. I'd leave a shot two thousand like all we got a house was kill party odor. It and I'm like all we got a shot. He houses Cup. Alright. Odorant? Are you emailing him right now to ask for Campari? Right. See my days are cold without you. And I'm hurting while I'm with you. And then my heart can't take no more. I keep on running back to you. It's about capacity odor. Okay. We're playing last week like, well what a bomb? All right. So much of this episode is going to be on the cutting room floor patriot episode, okay? Okay. Last weekly is a game that we play..

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