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The day has come for you, ladies, I've known you wanted some of this for. Oh. Governess back. Wear like some sort of TRM. I would never want that for the record happened drinks Jason. Yeah. Jared said kids are involved down keep that hidden from the kids if that ever happened, right? And obviously, you know, half the country gets divorced. Maybe lately, I think the divorce rate is a little bit less down to four around forty better. But still I mean, that's a lot of people getting divorced and it breaks apart families. And then there's other people that are involved in kids lives, and then you don't get to see your kids as much. That's a big thing. Right. It can be difficult. Then some people don't have kids. They get divorced. And it's this, and I did hear this believe it or not this little statistic. I heard that guys. Overall have a tougher time moving on from an ex then women do believe it or not an women initiate more divorces than guys do. So even if the guy was the reason why the relationship wasn't working. There have a tougher time. I guess it's over overall numbers. I can see that I can make a little bit of sense of that. I think because I think that maybe men might tend to think all the grass is always greener. Yes, I think men. Tend to believe that a little bit more. And so then when the reality of the separation. Seeps in like, oh when I had was pretty great. And then it's harder to move on. Then I start imagining measuring another guy sleeping with my wife. And then I get you get mad. You know what I'm saying? Somebody other guy intruding in that area. That's. We understand what it how it works thinking that way. I think about it. Now that probably is bothersome where I guess, I don't know. Look, I've done some crazy things. When I broke up with girls who broke up with me. No. But I don't see many girls going that crazy every once in a while. No, I see a lot of guys like I had a friend that slash thumb. This new girls. Boyfriends tires, slashed the tires. They they've gotten back out on like I've seen girls girls. Go crazy. And I do know of a girl that just dating not married dating. And she wanted to get back at her boyfriend dumped her so she cut her ankle took the blood from her ankle put on her face. Call the cops and said that he beat her. He was even in the state at the time. Why there's plenty crazy. Crazy crazy crazy during the ship. But when they break up, they're not as crazy don't know that to me is girls, girls, go crazy. But I just see a lot of guys can't deal with it as much. Should we ask? The craziest thing that you have done or you've heard someone do today tomorrow. Yeah. Because I enjoy the crazy, right? Really?.

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