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To step up against the run as a backup edge rusher guys on the roster and it's one of the big things i think all steeler fans should be concerned about the season they haven't found that guy moving back off the defensive line and into the linebacker core one of the big things we need to point is if devon bush's healthy and if devon bushes a capable of playing throughout the year of course. We seem kind of his twitter escapades. I guess is one way to put it where he's kind of in one sense. He might be trolling fans just kind of going off. The deep end with his crazy tweets and whatnot not to get into too much but of course he he just goes on and on but it seems to slow down recently. Maybe he was just trying to make people talk about them. I'm not one hundred percent certain on that but possibly that could be what was going on there but of course. He's coming off an acl injuries. Well his health is a pretty big pretty big thing. Steelers defense was dominant in those. What i seven games regular season. They were still really good after that. But both debris devon bush. We're healthy on the field. Steelers swarmed the football day. Where great if devon bush returns to form and continues his progression upwards. The steelers have a very very good inside linebacker in former michigan wolverine past him. If he if he can stay healthy there is still the spot beside devin bush which raises a couple eyebrows number. One vince williams. Of course the steelers released him but he signed back in a one year veteran minimum deal just to remain with the steelers likely to end his career. As a pittsburgh steeler with twenty twenty. One most likely being the final of those seasons of the vince willing mira if he starts to look his age of course we know the steelers love putting their linebackers and terrible situations been to williams has been tasked with covering receivers struggling at it. Because we know it's not a strong suit yet. The team continues to do it but again. He's another year older He wasn't scooped up us cooped up off the street for any a nice amount of money so there is some recent. Be worried about vince. Williams but still have some guys to try to spell them Depending on the situation but felix age that could be a bit of an issue for the steelers. Hopefully vince williams can kind of continue to be that That field record field general that he has been in recent years. The other guy that you kind of have a little bit of concern about is robert spelane. Of course it's kind of hard to judge his effort in the playoff game because he was definitely playing hurt. I don't think he was absolutely ready to take the field one. The steelers play the browns in the wild card game. of course he's nursing that knee injury So we struggled struggled against the pass. He struggle against iran. It was by far from his best game. But if roberts bullying takes a step back and looks more like that practice squad guy that he was in tennessee and his first year in pittsburgh. Then there's definitely reason to be worried Split had a couple of huge splash plays last year which rocked them up a lot of the fan rankings and that positional depth chart but he still a guy that was an extremely raw talent and hasn't done those things over an extended period of time so s- to prove he can do that Cudi potentially To plant vince williams as the starting. I'll tell her inside. Linebacker beside devon bush possibly but that will be a question that will be answered training camp and really beyond that so hopefully split can continue his ascent up the depth chart and continue his way. The nfl ranks really because he did show some flashes but if he takes a step back all of a sudden the steelers might not have a guy beside devin bush and once again another hole in the defense moving outside to the defensive backs one of the big things that we touch on. Of course joe haden. Who's entering the final year of his deal. Joe haines been are honestly the best corner. The steelers have had since they signed him. What five years ago. Now if he can continue to truck on at the ability that he's been playing the steelers will be absolutely fine but if he starts to show his age which is something. We'll have to ask now until joe haden really shows age It's a question to bring up every single off. Season No matter how annoying that may get because once again he is a corner north of thirty now and he's been playing football for a very long time so if he starts to shows age or slow down a little bit then there might be some concern at the corner position and really there is a little bit of concern as we sit here right now. We do not know if cameron son or james peer. Whoever is the true answer at that. Other cornerback spot. I know both those guys have shown flashes in the past but now the first time you them will be asked to be the starting outside corner for the pittsburgh steelers. This is pretty big tall. Ask out of anybody to step on the field after being a backup for a number of years And prove themselves worthy of being a starting corner in this league kam-sun struggles that could that could be kind of a nail in the coffin situation. We've seen the steelers. Have some bad quarterback play before. They signed. Joe haden and then signed steven nelson. We know what it's like. We noticed like to have such a glaring hole in just teams lining up their receivers on that side of the field and just taking advantage of poor cornerback place though the steelers cannot afford that they need. At least eighty percent of what steven nelson was last year out of sudden and peer. Which i think is absolutely doable. Heck they could even match the production of steven nelson from a year ago. But they need to be able to do that over. Seventeen games so that is a pretty big question. Mark as well Another spot staying in the in the corner field. That nickel cornerback spot. We don't know who's going to be The steelers really only signed arthur malaysia. Who right now is listed as a safety on the steelers site And they signed a bunch of safeties and corners In the undrafted free agent market kinda desperately looking to see if they can find the guy that can play nickel. Who knows if they did. They tried the best of their ability to bring some names in. But i don't know if that's enough. I i wouldn't anticipate mike helton levels of production Out of any of these guys really. So i if they can just be good enough if they have to change the position and that's something the steelers to but it's something the lookout for is what they can do with their nickel corners. And the last spot. That i think is important to bring up is At strong safety and terrell edmonds of course last year throughout most of the season trill edmonds was a tight end shutdown guy. You're saving tons of compliments before kind of the end of the year. Kind of Taking a step back to a certain degree which really kind of hurt a little bit and once again kind of put that knife in the back of edmonds from steeler fans that have been calling him a bust from day one he needs seventeen straight games plus playoffs of being that tight. End a racer to kind of prove his worth. If you cannot do without the steelers will be in the market for another strong safety net next year because once again they did not pick up his fifth year option. The third time they've ever done that so the steelers have some question marks at strong safety as well so with all that being said. I want to thank you for tuning in today's edition of the live. Mike i appreciate you hanging around and taking this ride with me. We'll catch you guys next week Training camp is on.

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