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Woman engaged in sex acts the video was posted online on a site that pays performers per click it has now been taken down the city of Santa Monica calls the video deeply disturbing well as low clouds and dense fog hang around a little bit longer than usual this morning but still expecting sunshine today we're looking for highs in the mid upper sixties of your along the coast low to mid seventies inland I'm sherry Glaser now it's analysts and morning becomes eclectic good morning and you look very Sir dressed for winter time well it felt wintry when I left my house there's a thick blanket of fog as stretching from Hollywood all the way over here so I hope that lives today I'm not sure you're listening from but hope we have a good one that was very strange stories very by the way are is several morning becomes eclectic on KCRW but first news from NPR live from NPR news in Washington I'm Laxmi saying jurors are now weighing the evidence and Harvey wants teens criminal trial in New York City and peers rose Friedman reports the jury of seven men and five women began deliberating today after hearing nearly three weeks of testimony in the case Harvey Weinstein was charged with five counts of rape and sexual assault related to two women in New York City for weeks jurors heard women testified to harrowing stories of rape and abuse by the producer but his attorneys also hit back by attempting to damage the credibility of those women and by suggesting that the encounters were consensual at the time and being reframed only later as a salt there's very little physical evidence in the case if one scene is convicted of the most serious charge he could face life in prison he also faces charges in Los Angeles rose Friedman NPR news New York the Boy Scouts of America is filing for bankruptcy following a raft of sexual abuse allegations in lawsuits dating back decades the organization's bankruptcy petition listed its assets between one billion and ten billion dollars its liabilities reportedly range from five hundred million to a billion dollars the Boy Scouts says the filing will not affect local council since they are legally separate five months after the Afghan people voted for new president of Ghana stands election authority has rule that I strip Ghani has won a second five year term with just over fifty percent of the votes from COBOL in peers the hoodie reports Ganis rivals are alleging vote fraud the elections were marred by problems from the start from low turn out to tens of thousands of votes being.

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