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Figure in history. I would like to see that Bruce Jenkins of wish you here joining Marlena here on the patio weekends in the park at Bruce to the giants mardi neither discussion. I think everybody is what's going on the first time the lineup. Why is it that? They can't get anybody on bass the Gordy runs attributing to a lack of seeing bitches not walking. They've got a low on base percentage. Second alas in the National League. Batting average second last in the National League. They're not putting any pressure at all on starting pitchers early in the game. Are you see the same thing? What's your perspective on the the first time? Well, I don't have an absolute pain on that. Because big believer the first bit hitting. And I think both are Posey would tell you the same thing. I think any vaguely noted that when he was in two thousand twelve he hit over four hundred I fishes put in play and aggressive standing around next thing. You know, it's one and two Joey Votto or to real genius of a hitter. It works a lot better. I'm not sure the giants have those kinds of guys and. Frankly, any of these guys get into two strikeouts. I'm I what you're saying valuable for sure. But I also really believe in in power hitting and aggressive hitting how do you like the defensive outfield with center Duggar, right and are in left. This is one of the best. I've seen in a while it out there. It's going to get caught. And if it doesn't get caught it shouldn't be caught. Exactly. Thinking back to the days of Bobby bonds and Garry Maddox Gary Matthews where any minute you get a spectacular play. You could get insane throw from Kevin highlight reel. Some the greatest gap is anyone's ever seen and Jerry very good out there. So that's you know, they don't have the power in the outfield at so many other theme to do but defensively especially in the giants park is going to really help them all the way through the season. Why not why not leave power and right and throw a dug around the left rather than do that. Yeah. I hear the absolutely. I mean.

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