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Right when eto address took over the michelle r jaggery boy both of us be minus zima fast tackling and not a nice guy right just throw that in there not a nice guy programming is of jamie horowitz and fox sports getting a divorce over sexual harassment claims against horowitz under horowitz fox bent big money to hire colin skit palest juice wit lock bunch of really attractive women including clarisa thompson still fs ones programming as a not close to espn here's question roger rodger ales bill o'reilly now horowitz all out of fox after sexual harassment claims stuff like this used to be pretty rare like i don't remember before this lot of executives being fired for sexual harassment um why is this happening all the sun you side play out with bill o'reilly in rodger ales it was so bad and i'll give you the short answer your question via gretchen carlsson when 20milliondollar right and these guys who were in fox came in and said okay now it's costing us money right it's causing a shareholders let's say just for the sake of argument that there were twenty more women light gretchen carlsson and they all could prove it that's four hundred million dollars in a p r nightmare you can't get around to win that happened when gretchen when that lawsuit they really did adopt very few companies will live up to it but they really did adopt zero tolerance on this one particular issue they knew it could cripple the company so now any time any female brings those charges against anybody at fox they take it really seriously and eric shank said in his statement i don't know what jaime nebot jamie and i like him and i'm sure the swap him out in the wash but i don't know what he did but his air shanks you know said very clearly in his statement endurance fox sports.

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