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I remember when the show started in nineteen ninety-four little. Did we know what the outcome was going to be using experiment. Black Radio never before had we had one major talent covering all the major cities in America in warning. Dr Tom Joyner in the morning show started in Dallas Texas longtime morning out of four in Dallas. WGN afternoon. He was the flight. Jack I remember growing it up when I was in college listening to Tom. joyner warning beat Tom joyner riding Tom Jordan. Every time I got a chance to be close to always make an extra effort to be in his presence and soak up the greatness because we all aspire to be like him and his success. I feel feel kind of melancholy about this whole episode. Because I don't believe in. My Heart. Departs the Tom Joyner was ready to retire. There's something that was going on behind the scenes because this is a very competitive man of what I know of Tom. Shorter is a competitive dude. Many just don't give give love something so valuable like that. Even I'm GonNa Limited to save is even when I was listening to the transition between Kim handing the keys to the town morning. Show Rickey Smiley. They were still awkwardness about it. Somebody scooped US president. Lisa supposed to be coming out in a few minutes but the new morning show. That's GONNA replace the time during the morning show. Aw say hi to Rickey Smiley. Nobody like you for the opportunity. Okay Okay Okay thank you for dinner. Thank you and your team Gary with Martin could more sale L.. Get to all of you eva around the baby. Do the baby's doing two months turn. Okay Okay and the new show starts January second January the second. Yeah Yeah. Congratulations as man. Now is a long road Twelve years We got this opportunity. Ninety seven nine to beat in her we just took it in. It took a lot of advice that you gave in just ran with. Just try to Do a good show do a lot of stuff in the community and everybody worked really hard even been with me for twelve years in so we just can't get rid of them Fungus I believe that we all sit in the same ruined the microphone. Because we don't get to listen to your so 'cause we own it the saints so so fun I've been on your show before but I I just thank God first of all because I told you last night at dinner you had no idea when I was on the book while morning. This show and Birmingham on W J I would. They would get mad at me because I was run over to the studio to listen to your show. Now our call in sick to go see a sky show every time he was like. Why are we come to work? I just idolize. You just have so much respect respect what you thank you for the opportunity. Thank you everything that you talk Well I'm not wanting Tom. Tom joyner intimately I really. Don't I mean I've sat down with Tom Several Times I remember last time we talked I was working at one zero three and Chicago and it was the bud billiton parade and he got in his limo. I got in there with them. Not Talk to Tom About you. Know the beginning of the Steve Harvey show that was back in two thousand six two thousand seven and my show was replaced by Steve. When I was doing mornings at Dallas and I said in a Limo Thomas at time you know you need the real get more get more like intimate get more personal man you know you? You've Audis experiences and we don't really hear about your personal stories on the air and so remember. Remember the following week or two I tune in and I heard Tom really talking about personal stories like that and any kind of reverted back to the will be a way of doing it but I mean who was out of town. Tom joyner super talented brother. WHO's made millions of dollars doing it on a high level? I was only trying to help time. And I'm just saying the Tom joyner man. This is just. Don't feel right to me. Is Incomplete ending to to a story. Tom John I don't believe he ever wanted to in his radio syndicate syndication career. Like this. I just don't believe it. I'm not going to believe it. Am I going to try to make myself believe that. This is how the end of the journey would be for him. It's syndicated radio. That's why the we banter between him and rookie Somali. I think it was fake. I think was forced. I think they were trying to force laughing four for speaking cordial in that setting. Because you know I just don't believe it. I wish. Good luck to ricky you know. You're you're filling the shoes of an institution like Tom. Joyner and I think both of those shows I like night and day and and we'll see how it all comes together but you're replacing an institution and Tom joyner's so on one hundred five markets. You're going to hear ricky okay. Tom Beginning on January. The second. But let me tell you Tom. Joyner is the prototype of what every black district this jockey grownup wanted wanted to be. We wanted to be like Tom. We wanted to have the same kind of career like Tom. We wanted to have those opportunities to work in the major cities. Tom is a brother from from Alabama. And I remember mad hatter back in the day from Tuscaloosa Alabama. He was Tom. Joyner Mehta that Alabama Obama because some of us. This jackets could make it out because we use these and dims and as soon as they hear these these dams on audition date they throw out tape of the trash. Let's get he's the Tom Joyner. He made it and I'm GONNA be Doing a little series on inside urban media all on black radio and some of the things that you've probably never heard behind the scenes things that make black radio what it is today and keep in mind during the Million Man March all of these black radio stations were responsible before forgetting about two million black men on the mall in Washington D.. We see and of course Tom. JOYNER's show was one of them and all the bliss black this jockeys across the country there were on in those different cities and nineteen ninety-five ninety five helped fill up the mall in Washington. Nineteen ninety-six comes and the Telecommunications Act that Bill Clinton allowed radio station owners to own more than six radio stations in one city thus began the dismantling of black independent competitive additive. Radio so companies started gobbling up stations. And where you had two stations that were competitors. Now they bought that station and made it another counter kinda station and then they put syndication on it and then you eliminate all the black voices that were in the local community that were able to galvanize talk about things happening happening but when syndication came it just obliterated and eliminated the chance for us to communicate one on one with our audience again and now you're out of work work but they have the Tom Joyner show on and then later on Kmby Steve Harvey Show and all the other syndicated products that you know. Radio Station Owner you owners us to save money. It's a business decision but also I think maybe one of the only people as outside of other of other a group of people that are talking about what syndication had done to black media. But it's not the black disc jockeys fault. It is a more ray a plan plan and I think we don't really look at it like that and I think you're making a mistake not to look at the king. Alfred plan which is made eight to stop communications between black people and cutting off all avenues to reach each other and dismantling black radio through. Syndication was one of the okay so anyway God bless Tom Joyner for what he's begun. He showed black disc jockeys that you can make more than minimum salary for one thing because at one point was about fourteen million dollars a year in salary and of course one of my personal friends was Donnie Simpson. Who would always make sure that his salary was made public because he wanted to black? Dj's to know you can make more than the minimum salary they a lot of people were paid to do a morning radio show so it was something really look up to and Tom Joyner. He's one of our stars. He is the iconic beacon of light for black radio disc jockeys to aspire to you you okay now with social media you know you don't have to wait to have a syndicated show through a radio company you can create that on your own so we're glad that we have an example full of how those things should operate through the Tom. Joyner morning show through the excellence in magnificence of Tom joyner bringing different voices in the community to talk. Talk to us to explain things to us and to help us. During these critical election times rolling Martin all these other great people who are introduced to us through the Tom Joyner morning show Sybil Wilkes of course Charlotte homegirl used to work in the Charlotte market. been with him a long time and all the other other great people who helped him build marrige and everybody from the beginning Tom. Jonah is a magnificent ringmaster and orchestrated. He is a great quarterback of radio. And our hats off to you. We love you Tom. If you get a chance to listen to this podcast I want you to know that I love you brother and I hope we can get together one day again and have a sit down and talk and talk about how we're going to chart a course for black media through through social media and using radio for the next generation as we head on out of here so God bless you and God bless you Ricky's molly but success to the U.. And all the other people who aspire to be people of consequence Tom joyner definitely a man of consequence in his twenty five the year syndication radio career. But I'm telling you in an over watch the next episode of you can mark that right here on this podcast pocket. BJ Murphy's.

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