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It's Daddy D if it ain't going down at the bunny ranch it ain't going down at all stolen Hello Hello listeners and welcome back to another episode of the Bunny Ranch podcast my name is Alice little in I am illegal sex worker at the world famous Moonlite Bunny ranch located in Carson City Nevada this week I have one of my one wonderful co workers with me the ever tall ever beautiful and wonderfully French Angelina thank you happy here podcasts and video north for that I'm so excited to have you here you are just such in icon at the Ranji sweep it's true are you you my I love it it's like an angel from nowhere us love generous yes I remember the first time we met and I was just tall and beautiful at the blonde hair blue is how tall are you don't be impressed because like flat shoes or hills it's okay with me we have the same size somewhere in a bit Oh my gosh yes it's to everyone's the same high when you're not standing so we know you're French but tell us a little bit more about that where were you born where did our boat is so come one of us seven years the parents decided to move out because my my father is French and a big family my mom she was solo so and kind of like a dispute with the family cousin Ceraso Shia she loved friends she's like white not like me like ten well and that have discovered two which is like French and when I come in this country I was little my parents bring me here an east coast and then I loved it yes and it's very different because he figure I was born in Ireland and I lived there for five years before coming stateside here and just the attitude is so different over there about everything from alcohol to say completely different in the way that we view things you're in Europe like a bit of denise they went to their so burn and then he did a conference because actually in France the persecution that are not supervise more likely are sex trafficking and so the girls have no money and beautiful but have to move I'm country to country is very bad sex king that's why you gotta get away from it's true it's easier to just come here for you know it saves Pinot everyone's here of their own volition and it works out great and you can still get your little taste of the exotic flair without having to go Internet nationally instead it's all right here correct bef- really got such a unique spectrum of ladies from all over the place we have you've got I rish folk or Paeans French really there's just this great mixing pot that kind of happens here which I really do Her in every single one of us is different in how we connect with our guests kinds of experiences we have like what are some the things that you enjoy doing with your guests were actually Leica is difficult for them to reach out to me physically on the lineup the President and so I I I started to do appointment an appointment opened payment because sometime they can afford and understand that yes people time to plan ahead and decide and figure out well also getting to know you better too which is nice this is they're not so intimidated and they're like ooh yeah at least you know the they have like relationship and it's kind of like a pleasant for me because sometimes it's not about sex it's just conversation uh no company and I love that if it's really true one of the biggest misconceptions about this industry I would say is the assumption it's all sex focused and a lot of the time we find it really is people are only they want to be held that they want to commute mccade they're looking for something that's more than just at the surface level I agree with you and also we are not difficult aac everything you can say no judgmental attitude and so we have educated you have so smart I love you sister inspiration you'll well-spoken and we need that we needed a voice in the binge because I don't want to treat like some like a simple postition like an eye I stand for those lady because sometimes they're like miserable and walking for some Pam's etc but here's legal cool and the license and like when you explain was difference which in our legal and sex trafficking because there's a make Denver aw big night and day and yet it's oftentimes hard for people to kind of reconcile their emotions and unfortunately a lot of the stigma comes from religion comes from friends or family outside sources an can really be a challenge to ask yourself why do I have these negative feelings why am I not comfortable with this and when you start looking at the exits easy to see that this is actually a really beautiful thing it's different and for a lot of guests I think it's even a healing thing too getting to just be vulnerable getting share that space whatever internal conflict there having just the ability to set aside for a little while and just focus on that interaction is really Nice Yard too yeah well you keep them you know yet you enter them every day and then see something I cannot unfortunately by this but because maybe you know I'm not confident Hawaii I'm doing and you do it with you all hot the bunny ranch experiences Citra in an appreciate because we need to grow I q appreciable two years someone for everyone figure I'm super petite I'm for eight and a lot of guys that are like oh I don't know I wanNA taller a girl and it's nice because we do have that blend we do have the differentiation where you can get whatever kind of experience you're looking to out of coming to the ranch and what's fun is that a lot of the times we get a chance to even work together as part of a threesome to those true yeah yes I'm we've had some pretty fun threesomes over the years I did also bit about one okay so client when it comes to me and then the rethink tonight or a day and so suggest them like you know is going to be long if you fly like this you have to have the experience of the deterred girl Shen our Party and so I I suggest him to look at the website which one likes you take the opposite sometime Clark yet once similar like to tell blondes or sometimes they want someone that's tell and then someone that's Curvier also himself has ninety what you're GonNa do is the third curse and so even if we direct him as hey how we worked so well the girl's GonNa be face and kind of get down yeah like a different kind of energy to play with a different type of experience and when somebody chooses to add other lady into their experience that Kinda makes it almost more like a sex vacation I feel like where you're like you're really treating yourself and leaning into taking your time and I'm GonNa try a little bit of this and then we're going to go out for breakfast and then we'll come back from breakfast let's when a little something something avenger it's a good too because most of them are kinds are we select sixty or seventy percent of them washburn and then the won't tell you because even in an action like when new party to know about you at least but Mike Lynn doesn't scream and you have to scream and I thought okay I understand you might be new house must have been added and not doing those because you mom she's the the cider you growth here it's like you can let it out and most people have like the natural sex sense that they make like I know deep breathing gets a little bit heavy in kind of like like as I'm getting more and more into it I mean you don't have to sound like a porn star but I mean you'll always ken eh ad that vocal energy and I feel like a lot of the times especially especially for guys that watch porn when you add that vocal energy she in it Kinda helps get you there true whereas if you're just like home just GonNa be Kwasi just can experience it like you're missing out on some of the fun and it's like no this is the place to let go this is the time to explore those sides of yourself that you normally don't true he owes a is the even like Disney world output things like everything happened is no is just one way and if you come back we give you info I'm just kidding like how do you select an info like Ah Pass intimated past memorial come here we give you a discount right yeah and we always work with those that spend time with one or more ladies that are coming back that have kind of developed a regular relationship with us and I imagine over the years you've developed a very nice relationship with a number of guests or they come back and try different things yeah I was experience I can tell like the beginning I was like do not like thinking I mean you think I'm sorry but I was not thinking like okay take this one this one and guess what at the end I was like hold on it's not my goal financially like when I fought about fly my expenses to come back and my doctor etc etc so I'm glad to see you if you won like once a year or two toward twice years fine with a plan payment and so I'm less tired less exhausted I mean drench like and also I appreciate like quality I mean you know like I knew it some money but slack and adventure for for life it's it's like you have a you know as a woman you have nice shoes is once you have to experience that this it is it's one of those things where there's only so many opportunities in life that you have to invest in yourself.

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