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Rim. Probably that fact so obviously with this many relatives in the know and possibly searching for closure with their dead relatives how helen dunkin got this. Information is not particularly hard to guess. Unfortunately for helen. There were several police officers in the audience. A reported this. This wasn't her first of spilling military secrets in edinburgh had reported another sinking ship. And at that point. Admiral was in the audience and he had not heard anything about this so he calls in to see. It is true that this ship sink. Is there anything and he was told. No there's been nothing reported by the official navy switchboard and then the next morning he gets a call at the. Hms hood had been sunk by the bismarck but it had not yet even been reported to the navy at the point that helen makes this announcement. Wow yeah that one hard to explain. Yeah pretty disconcerting. Right again we have to rethink. What if she is actually doing something here. She is communicating with the dead or. She is psychic or she does have access to some things that is giving her some of this information and then as everyone else ups their showmanship hers and so she's a real medium pretending to be a fake medium. It's a really weird turn of events oversee this then go back to the authorities again and this made her quite a prominent character. They were keeping an eye on because if she was able to do this. And reveal those military secrets to a roomful of people. Then that was obviously quite a problem. If she keeps doing this she could blow the whole operation for the end of world war. Two and the closer we get to d day. The more of us real security threat. She begins to look like because she keeps dropping these bombshell announcements months before they're supposed to be made public. Gosh and this is why. She is tried for witchcraft. There's nothing else they can charge her with seek. You can't charge her with espionage has they can't prove it they can't prove it and they don't want anyone to know that what she's saying is true if they say she's committing espionage. They have to admit that the things she is saying actually happened. And those are state secrets. That's awesome so. She was arrested in portsmouth and charged with vagrancy. 'cause they didn't know what else to charge her for and then she was taken to london. And that's where she was put on trial for rant about a month or say the only evidence that they could provide. Because how do you prove if one is talking to the data not was physical evidence so they bring in some of the plaza him. This is just cheesecloth. We can prove it and they have. The hat banned from sids hat. Low the band which was bought from the event of the sinking of the h mess. Barroom which was what the ghost was wearing the time somebody had managed to secure that from the evening and this kind of doctor in really and got her in trouble because she don't even look to the fact that at that time uniforms had changed because such a quick turnaround and they were putting so many troops out so quickly that the production of uniform was completely different as to how it used to be so it used to be that happened will be printed with the name of the ship but it wasn't anymore so that that this hat cannot be from the ghost of said who drowned on the. Ats barham wow. It proves that she is a fraud. Now she's a second to think about what i just said right. If you prove she's a fraud she's not a witch exactly see is on trial for witchcraft. And the evidence produced to convict her is proof that is not practicing witchcraft. Yeah what it proves. I think definitively that everyone involved knows what she's actually on trial for. This isn't about witchcraft. This is about shutting her up and it worked all. She was convicted of witchcraft. Eventually okay the trial dragged on and on and on part of that is because there is a slight distraction. Going on in london bombs were falling at the time. And you can't stay in court at the old bailey when you're getting bombed. They have to adjourn the trial. Flee to the bomb shelters add reschedule. Day she was eventually found guilty and sent to holloway prison. For nine months later would have fared in under the seventeenth censuring her life in front of a massive crowd. But i think the reason that they probably charged at the time inside was reasonable so it was enough to teach a lesson to make sure that she didn't do it again but it was also a low enough charge to not put her away for years and years which something like theft. She could have been away for three years but is only nine months. Okay this case is the national sensation. Of course i i one is talking about it even churchill. You think that he would be busy during the bull but apparently he also made a statement on it and he said the case was absolute tomfoolery and a complete waste of resources which i am inclined to agree and she is the very last person in the uk ever to be convicted much craft. That's amazing are those on the books. Like could you still arrest. The good news is thanks to helen. And largely as a result of this trial and the absolute tomfoolery. The witchcraft act was finally abolished in nineteen fifty one and the fraudulent medium. Act put in its place so congratulations. Uk listeners are safe from witchcraft.

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