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It takes to get the balance where these drivers like it how big is it to have tony gibson kinda steering that ship and not being on the road now a guy who can make sure that everything that comes out of there is consistent yeah absolutely it's you know i had reservations about tony coming off the road and you understand why i mean it's you know he was here long before i series yeah and so you look at it and you're like yeah i i can understand why he wants to get off the road now but selfishly i'm like i don't want him off the road yet to see what impact he's had on the floor at the shop and how he's been able to really organize and and really lead the floor aspect of s hr and where the cars are being prepared and assembled to have somebody like him that's down there organized and all that and watching over it is is it's comforting like i say i think that's part of the process of showing you know when you don't throw too many curve balls out there you know that was a major change but i wouldn't call to curve ball but i think that was one of those changes the you know i think zippy and and gibson new at the effect of that was going to be more so than i knew at the time until i saw it happen he's about like meet and have much hair left but how much more did he lose it looked like you guys we're going to have to run the the allstar aero package multiple races instead of just that when this year i imagine people going oh oh i might lost some hair if that happened it's i'm not sure we were all totally opposed to it but it's you know it's expensive thought there's a lot that goes into it the people don't realize anytime nascar makes any kind of change it immediately costs the teams money and you know so as it's we all have to be careful we're not having full feels like we used to have so we need to be conscious of what the budgets are what changes are being made in how we can all work together to you know keep steering the ship you know from the sports side of it and keep growing the sport but the same time not run people out of the sport as well so you know it's a it's a delicate balancing act but you know it's something that nascar had to deal with from its inception you know it's they didn't they didn't become successful by making too many bad decisions so you know i think it's something that will be revisited down the road but for now it's something that you know i think the teams are low uncomfortable with the the process of how much it's gonna cost to do it when that momentum started to grow and it looked like we might have multiple races with it is that a function when they pulled back saying the communication level is better now than it ever has been between the teams at laurie decision making and you know i mentioned a couple years ago when the the driver council started in then you have the representatives from one one from each of the.

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