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To help businesses and American workers stay afloat during the pandemic Majority Leader Mitch McConnell struggling Americans are going to go to their mailboxes and fun for figure checks to help with their bills why because the Senate stepped up Louisiana is quickly becoming an epicenter for covert nineteen this is governor John bel Edwards ventilator capacity is far from okay in Louisiana the problem isn't just that the cases are growing every day it is that they're growing rapidly every day several companies say they're retooling to manufacture medical equipment like ventilators other companies like apple helping in other ways apple is so has sourced procured and is donating ten million mass to the medical community and United States CEO Tim cook CBS news update I'm Peter king the Senate voted late last night damn that came with a lot of twists and turns that centered on the key part of the massive relief measure WTOP's Mitchell Miller reports today on the hill some Senate Republicans including senator Lindsey Graham have major issues with how the expanded unemployment insurance is set up adding six hundred dollars a week for up to four months what we have done is to pay people more not to work then to work but democratic whip Dick Durbin says workers should get extra help during this crisis we're asking these people to stay home or ask them to help us defeat this virus by not working senator Bernie Sanders at one point threatened to hold up the entire bill if GOP lawmakers didn't withdraw their objection ultimately they were satisfied to offer up an amendment which fell short opening the way for the final vote on the massive relief package on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news you wouldn't think the stated hood issue would affect how much money the district will get as part of the corona virus relief bill but that seems to be the case DC leaders say this is a case where not being a state is proving costly DC is forced to share a part of three billion dollars with five U. S. territories with similar populations bottom line five hundred million dollars compared to one point two five billion dollars for the nation's other states the mayor and council chair point out that that amount is woefully inadequate when you consider the fact that DC has more people living in here than in Vermont or Wyoming both leaders calling on senator Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer the fix the funding our classified DC as a state del Walters WTOP news there are more than four hundred seventy thousand coronavirus cases across the world now and more than twenty one thousand deaths here in this region there are more than a thousand cases and each jurisdiction DC Maryland and Virginia recorded its largest single day increase in positive cases over the last twenty four hours D. C. reported its third Cova de nineteen related death a seventy five year old woman who was said to have had underlying medical conditions attends DC fire and EMS member tested positive at least six Walmart employees also tested positive also a marine at the Pentagon tested positive but he's not been in that building since March thirteenth and is self isolating at home coming up in some parts of the country get back to work before others six thirty four government professionals know their security risks and status quo is not an option in response.

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