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White house over trade and technology correspondent matt rivers reports that president gee promised to cut china's auto tariffs going to lower automobile tariffs and that's a nod to washington vice president xi jinping consider what president trump tweeted on monday he specifically tweeted about his displeasure with chinese tariffs on automobile imports from around the world being way higher than the equivalent tariff in the united states he did not address some key us complaints such as requirement for companies to work through joint venture with local partners that's what they've done for years an agreement between attorneys for flint's school kids and the state county and flint education officials has been rape vi agreement will establish a program to provide universal screenings for learning disabilities to all flint children impacted by the city's water crisis the agreement calls for the state of michigan to pay four million dollars to create a program that will include a neurological centre in flint that'll be part of the hurley hospital and training teachers and administrators on the program and how to recognize children potentially harmed by lead who may need referrals for treatment marie osborne wjr news auto improve detroit neighborhood detroit officials are looking for consultants to help renovate the warren dale cody rouge area on the far west side they consultants will be asked to look at ways to improve mobility housing and education safety designs and plans will also outlined ways to create some neighborhood parks and playgrounds consultants would be contracted through the city of detroit's invest detroit program they would erect with d t e g m quicken loans and the skillman foundation wjr news time ten thirty three frank beckmann here i am bill giddy owner rapid roofing are you frustrated with your worn out old roof which was strong to steal the can't afford a metal roof rapid roofing new roof system offers strongest deal protection with the price comparable to what you have now that's right strongest deal better warranty for a fraction of the cost some believable offer won't last long just a click away by visiting rapid roofing dot com that's rapid roofing dot com rapid roofing restoring your peace of mind fast zaret here twenty years ago we couldn't imagine how much better high def tv we look.

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