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I new law allows the tribe in Kitsap county to prosecute domestic violence offenders on their reservation, even if they're not native American. Komo sue Romero has more under the new law. Anyone not just native Americans caught assaulting partner on the port Madison. Indian reservation could now face domestic violence charges. Tribal victim advocates say people will no longer be able to get away with abuse against native American women. A Justice department study in two thousand sixteen found that forty percent of native American and Alaskan native women have been victims of physical and psychological violence. Poor Madison Indian reservation has. A population of about seventy six hundred people both native and non native Romero, KOMO news. The new law goes into effect April tenth after an ATM exploded into coma. Police have one man in custody a person of interest who led them on a high speed chase through Thurston county. Someone blew up. A Wells Fargo ATM on Pacific avenue at about three thirty this morning in Tacoma police, couldn't find the person Lacey and Tom water. Police saw a suspicious vehicle believed to be the same person and the ensuing car-chase hit one hundred miles an hour at one point Jaime nukem with Lacey police says eventually the driver was caught and fled on foot at that time with the assistance of Thurston county and unit. On their locate the individual, and and take them into custody, all of the involved police agencies, the F B I an ATF are now investigating whether the Tacoma incident is linked to at least two other ATM explosions in Pierce and Thurston county's congress is looking into the skyrocketing costs of insulin and other drugs. The university of Washington says a month supply costs about four hundred fifty dollars in the US while the same amount is about thirty five bucks in Canada. Doctor Earl Hersh, and when I see these people surviving. Are barely surviving because they can't get insulin. It really hurts me at the gut level the house oversight and investigation subcommittee is holding a hearing on the issue tomorrow. The worst of the flu season may have ended. Komo's Eric Heintz reports according to the State Department of health two hundred ninety six influenza related deaths were reported across Washington last year compared to two hundred seventy eight in twenty seventeen as of March thirtieth of this year. There have been one hundred sixty and this year's total is still the third highest over the last nine years. Fortunately, last week, local clinics, emergency rooms and hospitals. Saw a marked drop and flu activity. Flu cases at the Everett clinic peak three weeks ago when they are around eight hundred positive tests in the week leading into March seventeenth the Everett herald reports last week that number dipped to around two hundred Eric Heintz, KOMO news. And let's find out how that AAA.

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