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Go, go get out before you know there's no loaded know low to go. It's Ah, It's small's change Was that was the album My meditations upon ageing. What are your meditations? Well, it's about everything that you either gain or lose as the themselves grow old. So In some cases, you gain wisdom. In some cases, you lose certain abilities. But even so, there are things you can find. There's a song whose whose title I can't mention on the air. Which is about you know, even as a Sze yu lose. Let's say some of your dentition is to label to give pleasure and s so nicely done. Thank you, So it's a celebration as well as a commemoration of the process. Really? They are going through a hope to. So when you're in stage now a day An older age when you were you know, back in the eighties. Do you move differently? Do you find they're things you can't do? Um my leaping has been constrained Obit because I can't leave his high thes things happen, But it's more about I've got the endurance. You know, we did the sort of the first emanation of the show in New Orleans last year with Louisiana Philharmonic, these air symphony tours and unusually for rock and roll. It's a cliche, of course, older rockers play with a symphony orchestra, and I thought, Well, that is a cliche even to talk about it. So we have two Symphony orchestra one life and wanna live via satellite from Budapest, Hungary. And so it's a It's a It's a full on show. You know, people used to say, Oh, that Springsteen he goes on for four hours. I can't do that. Never could do that. I got bored, but I'm still up there for 2.5. I was singing and playing. So why Budapest, Hungary. Ah! Well, that's where Budapest is. You know, you could go with you Go with the Budapest. Issa's guys have great orchestra. They're okay. They work like a studio orchestra, so they play for Adverts and movie schools. Okay and there. I believe their slogan is we're affordable helps in the guests that you have. To come. Play with you is a pretty good list. Yeah. Ah, onstage with us will be Steve Luca, ther of Toto and just two guitar. God among God, Although there's only one good on DH two weasels, APPA, who is of course, the sign of the famous Apple family. And then via satellite we have Donald Fagen. You have Steely Dan fame. Steve I of Steve I fame and the snarky puppy horns is part of this great young jazz rock fusion kind of, or confusion band. Ah, and the Budapest and of course, yes. Affordable. They're affordable. Derek. How is the industry changed from the eighties until now, In terms of getting your music out. It's changed a lot. Yeah, used to be able to say, you know, go by the shop and pick it up, and then we'd go by the shop. All of us have had the experience of going by the shop. Where's our recording? The Ah, So now we skip the middleman. There's no shop, and this break is still not available. So it's It's just a struggle. It's always a struggle. Now. You know you got streaming. And they say, Oh, it's ah 00.0 true sense every time it gets played. This is the inspiration for a song on the record and I do in the live show called Give Me some more money. Way, actually, on stage. We'll have a kick start of for all of the soloists and try to see if we can raise for money for them during the show itself last time it was didn't really amount to more than a tip job way have hoped.

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