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Competition requires dedication before enduring. So many only and i just liked to be lazily bitter after something happens which is totally different than putting an effort which is what competence you right. Thank you for dancing act. I also think that there's a group of us that are marginalized. Unlike you andy. That might not know. Feels like to not get something. Had that moment of jealousy like matt lacosse team ball ball. Ball was quick. That's actually wwl. But although bul- bul- out game without event. Because i love playing basketball to combine basketball in jeopardy. Okay the tree actually glennon an abuser nutshell sense of competition in terms of like being like top lists like new york times bestseller list. Is there any sense. Do you have a feeling of competition from that area. I the healthy healthy desire to to to win those kinds of things. Mimi i but i also would have. I said what. Now i said that. I don't have a competitive in my body. But then when i think about that sort of thing that you're talking about or like when i think about politics i only crush everyone else right. So like my competitiveness in terms of politics can become almost homicide. So i i assume that that is son. Realm of i think that also has to do with. You're not necessarily. I know from from the looks of it. It looks like you're competing against the other new york times bestselling authors right. But i think what it more or less describes as like your willingness in need to be the amount of work that went into creating.

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