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He is not just dominating you pretty much any opponent that he faces but to me. Joe ellis joel is scary. In how philadelphia defense can be scary but then you look at the other side of things and you wonder will go through stretches where they may be stagnant or struggles score so i. I don't know if there's a good answer and you also have shooters now like have shooters open up the floor again for seventy sixers that we didn't really see You know the last two postseasons or whatever whatever it may be. So i don't i wouldn't necessarily say one over the other but i would say that the the lack of inside size for the nets combated with what joel embiid into the league he. He's a star drops sir headphone did. It was falling out. But i also didn't wanna touch it. Because i thought it was gonna hang up and zoom. That's fair and we will end though on that note though sir we appreciate. I will look forward to your positive comments on the defense. You and our believe. It's clicking on all cylinders right. You're acting like we're saying they're one of the top defenses in the league. You you just need to be able to look like is yon is going to go for forty nine again. No but some point. You've got to stop like a guy the you got to stop an mba. You can stop a y'all got to get it. But but just to that point against i mean milwaukee scored one hundred seventeen the nets lost by three. They gave up twenty points off. Turnovers and james harden was sitting on the bench like a dance. Where the what's that would do a moral victory. Now we come on moral victory I'm just saying you're asking is yang. Maybe not in. I don't know the when you're projecting you're asking me to project. I think we'll walk. I also think milwaukee's top like really walk us. A tremendous team philidelphia's a tremendous state. Who who knows what. Joel also in sweat like doc rivers wrong. How that changes what you see. I mean i. I don't i. I don't think there is an easy path or easy route or easy answer for any of these teams just because you know a lot is just going to depend on the chess match of what the postseason and i think. That's what we're all excited for a lot as well for all of these teams depending on health Where where does that. Where does that janas block on. Durant rank for you. That was wild. Like i don't think i've ever seen like drake is never been blocked. No no i'm a seven footer. with a wingspan. That gets you up to like eight and a half getting blocked by on that. I've never seen a block. Like that. On a kevin durant type. No no and he came out of nowhere. I was shocked. I was shocked. Yeah i mean janas. He's news a freak. He's defensive player of the year stuff right there. Get your vote ready. Howard start changing your bony. That's right you both have votes right. Both votes is about tomorrow coming tomorrow. Brain of leaves. Oh.

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