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They don't want they want to build relationships in WanNa know like entrust you in interview as the rotor. They WanNa know about your life and so I would say my first question you know. Somebody wanted to start growing their Mrs Instagram's get your instagram page. Don't have two pages. Nobody can manage business. May What are you gonNA put Your Business Page like all busy soldiers delete that? I know it's hard on your mom. And you have kids in your letting strangers I have over eleven thousand followers. I have some creepy people. Ian Seeing my kids and all that obviously. I'm not like broadcast where they go to school. Or anything like that Making your page public and treating it more like you know who gets no you and following other realtors. That do instagram. Well for inspiration a few relatives that I suggest following. Would I be you can follow me at in? Its action under SORGIA lead. I love following Steve. Mcvay WHO's in Texas and Sharon White? Who's on my team? I feel like they do such a good job where you feel like you know their kids. You know their kids names. You know when their birthday is like you just you you just kind of like development relationship where you don't even you may never met them in person but you feel like your friends and so one is following people that are doing it. Well it may be. Don't copy them but look at what they're doing you know it's really important to get your face out there on Instagram. And it can feel very weird like taking your cell phone in into about you know. I'm about to go show a home while Talking to people you're developing these relationships and you can post on instagram story of video of you talking into the camera in you just shared all of that followers. I think a lot of people get hung up on the fact that they don't have a lot of followers and the reality is if you only have twenty followers that still twenty people if you are those twenty people over for dinner tonight. It wouldn't even fit around on Youtube off so don't get consumed with A. Nobody's watching my stories. Just starting small saying consistent it will definitely pay off and watching by PAT at the senior past watching youtube videos with tips and things and how to boost engagement and all that can just really your business would very doing that. Watching and they are light wanting to up their instagram. Gained to you guys are probably familiar with Stephanie. Main ghosts awesome on instagram. Doing her instagram rock. On relying seven by banks methods. Not Get you the information. Bishnu really helped with everything. Sheehan saying And my the quite definitely like help with a roadmap in plan are just different..

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