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These days seems a little ridiculous like there is this sense of like the university system itself is is i mean i i know that i i know i actually did get a lot out of my college but what i got out of my college was not necessarily there were a few courses i took there were life changing but right it was just the state it was something about i mean you know one of my best professors this i went to a super liberal liberal arts school up in asheville north carolina and you know like the classes would be sitting out in the forest and i was like sitting under a tree with his professors teaching this class called introduction to southeast asia and the whole point of the class was he would just like convince you to go to india that was it that was his only goal is to just make you go to india and do whatever over there but he i remember you would stay he started his class looking at us in sang what are you guys doing here like you shouldn't be in college you should be out in the world right now you should you should consider dropping out of college this year and just going to end the this thing ban it was the real it was a real in our memory he like he said are you know because this is one of the crazies things he said he's like here's what's going to happen you could imagine you're in a car and you're accelerating on the highway at and your or down the street near passing telephone poles and the cars accelerating in the.

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