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Aids, Dave Dillard, let's get all those cars off the road already. One by one, we're getting there in Maryland though from Baltimore toward Columbia, southbound traffic on I 95 is heavy and slow from 6 95 and the airport exit through Howard county, the car crash before route 100 exit 43, blocking now just a single left lane. Northbound from 32 past 100 slow with onlooking northbound lanes on 95 are open. BW Parkway slow and stretches between the capitol beltway and 32 route 50 eastbound heavy near I 97 briefly slow near the severn river, and from Whitehall road to the bay bridge. It's better eastbound, more folks have made their way onto the eastern shore. Westbound facing the sunset slow from piney creek road onto the bridge in two way traffic on the westbound bridge span. Camp springs, branch avenue, southbound delays off the beltway lead past the remains of a crash after Allentown road on the right shoulder. The beltway was held at capacity for a good portion of today and the holiday weekend volumes are only beginning to drop off. But in Virginia, a lot of brake lights still on the outer loop from van door to the Wilson bridge and route 7 on the Italy heading for the American legion bridge and river road. And on a day like today, the northbound George Washington Parkway is going to be backed up near the beltway, of course, 66 is getting better. It's only brief delays now westbound through center field and eastbound still sluggish from about Washington boulevard toward Boston. 95, of course, is going to remain slow southbound near the aka kwon in a stretches, leaving Prince William county through Quantico and a Stafford. Northbound volumes are still fairly elevated there up near Dale City and woodbridge in the district, D.C. two 95 still jammed from the 11th street bridge to the crash at eastern avenue. It's still just one lane to the left, getting by northbound on D.C. two 95. Can't find the new car you're looking for, try and fits way used car. Next to a new car, if it's way cars best, visit fit small dot com for a good car and a safe car, you can trust. That's the fits way. Dave del ion WTO storm team fours Mike with weekend forecast. There's a cold approaching the region and we are going to see an increase in cloud cover as that front approaches over the next several hours it will stay breezy and warm.

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