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Okay when you run. What is your favorite part of you? I mean you can save finishing it. You whatever is that you love Obata. I think I love starting it because I kind of I give my I've learned from coach Bennett in my ear. Nia that you start a run really slow and you just give yourself a break and then I think my favorite thing is the fact that I think to myself. How am I gonNA get? Am I going to be able to do this and before I've they've even really finished talking myself out because you know you talk yourself out of stuff to you when you're GONNA run. I never stopped but I sort of have that attitude of you know. Can you really do this. I question myself and then and then I'm on my way home and I've done it. I think the whole thing for me. It is an amazing achievement is an amazing achievement for me. I also come up with really stupid ideas. When I'm on runs an I have been known to run honoring my agent? She's like I sound like a heavy Breather Dilemma Sarah this amazing amazing idea and when I got home she brings me she goes. Do you still think it's amazing. She's still think is amazing. Do you really want me to go in and pitch the item right now. You're absolutely right. The adrenaline kicked in over enthusiastic are made up a hill. I'm quite pleased. The usual you phoned phone her Richard Lakewood ideas Berlin ideas plan them and I tv shoes yummies you podcast ideas run put ideas and then get home like Oh what was it. He'll say I have to do it because I am Dorey from Yeah Yeah. I'm doing everything I swim roundabout. It don't make a phone call you see that on the Morrison as well. That's when I come up with the best ideas definitely forgotten them by the end but you've done the marathon as well. Have you done it once. I've done the London marathon once. Yes and I was euphoric. At the end I mean I I was so naughty because I think the B._B._C. or somebody they were tracking because I remember seeing you on it. Yeah I was on a tracker and I saw where they were when I was crossing tower bridge and I thought I have not got the time took two. I'm really working on this time and you cannot delay me and I swerved them and kept on going and the end I mean having children obviously as the best was the rest of my life but I don't know I think moneylender when he learned math in my top two I just felt great. My Mum did it with me. She finished literally an hour after me and has obviously got like twenty one years on me and then my dad who was watching with my husband and Lexi was very small had decided he didn't want to pay for parking and central London so we ought to blink him more like another five miles because my dad safe to quit on the puck or if you already run the bit what's a few more miles I go home. I made a full dinner for my whole Family Evan Feta me and my mom appealing the spot. This is just wrong anyway. It was the one that it probably was the best one I loved during the London. Did you like kit lawyer running it yeah you did. This is the crowds isn't it. It's so true you. I don't believe you could run the London marathon or any marathon without people being that's cheer you on. I nervously top tip is to wear t shirt with your name on because people screaming doc names out and I just I- I waved I smiled. I mean you just feel so happy but it is the people that gets you through. The worst bit was going around the Canary warf section where you just think I've around this road before. It all looks the same. It's just gray buildings not many people there. My favorite bits were well. All the different smells you can smell all kinds of things when he run through London but that was sort of fry-ups barbecues beer the things you shouldn't smell legal. I could probably smell my way around London. Tell you exactly where you bet challenge blindfolded. Actually you say that there are some areas that require it will no because I did my first marathon ten and years ago and in that time the whole course is crammed with spectator aren't really quiet patches anymore those new guy quiet moments for you just fool on cheering the whole way which is insane and amazing. You have to do again well. I think I really do want to do it again but I didn't beat my time and if I didn't feel that happy for do you have to be. I did it in four hours twelve minutes as great which was great and I could have done it in four hours had had I I got started getting a hip pain and I thought because I was on target to in four hours and I had some <hes> like keep the Ibuprofen in my pocket and I could see a water station coming so I put the Superfan under my tongue I I just thought I just knocked out backing off still smash. This and I got to the station. It wasn't a roof station. It was just like an advert for well. No water ground radar my tongue budding a hole in my tongue. I spat out the A and they were pink so I- pink. I don't like I'd written down on somebody I had pink dribbling. Out of my mouth are still finished but yeah my hip gave me dip on the end of that so yeah well. I think you've really gotTA in Youtube quicker. One 'cause we at the London landmarks half marathon this year and you did a great time in just under two hours. It was like one minute one hour hour fifty eight minutes fifty minutes or something like that but again I'd been out drinking with Angela Griffin the weekend before and she said she done a half marathon in just over two hours and I said to Chris Oh my God evangelist and do it in two hours I do into you basically trying to be heard. Yes and I take I beat you. Actually she put we forgot the conversation but I never go out of my head all thinking and I did well yeah. I'll have to get angeles. Take on this when she comes on run part because we're trying to. We're trying to find a d the Woman Mansoura Yeah I'll see how she feels about two that we weren't even remember the conversation she so noncompetitive and it's so lovely to have you here today. Because everyone who loves running just find easy to talk about and there are people that will be listening to us. How's chatting whilst they are actually running? So have you got any motivational words like coach Bennett for them now. Well it it. It kind of is it kind of is coach. Bennett says which is you don't have to be the perfect runner. You don't have to be in a competition with yourself or anyone else. Just literally be the best your version of a great run or a great runner wherever that is as long as your feeling happy and relaxed and enjoying it and to just constantly constantly check your position like what you're doing because I often run and I've got my hand like my little finger bent back and three fingers pointing and you just go where there's stressors some tension that take away just always try remember my posture where I'm going and give myself nice thoughts. I think this is your half an hour. Be Fantastic yourself say to yourself. You're doing plotti well. You're doing ever so good tonight. You can have a big fact loss of Rosie Yeah see that's what I think is all about a reward and also I don't think you have to be you. Don't have to have a goal in my like a half marathon a marathon ten k you can just run for fun. You can totally run for fun. I mean personally slits helped me in the past having something to aim for but just running for fun and just running because you can is joyful. I mean you you to try and find the join running because it does star like a pain in the ass it does it does else for your hard work and you are not good and you do get stiff the next day anything not doing that again. I think no do it again. 'cause you can cause you operate and you can do it absolutely well said right now. We have in report a few quick questions so gore. Let let you go which trainers use them. The never say them they the easiest he tells Sam low rouses Nike Okay See I. I'm not a Nike wearer so do all the different types of trainers. They're bright orange wants so whatever I'm wearing you can always see my feet. Unfortunately I love her. All trainers a bright color remember when we were at school. It was all white yeah. Was it yeah yeah. You couldn't get anything really light. My ones as well and it's always seems to be my husband. That's in charge of buying them. He seems to be the authority on running trainers even though he does not run okay but he seems to choose well then he chooses really well very good at. What's your favorite place to run? I like running around Richmond. Park beat other in sorry yeah is absolutely beautiful. The only thing that <hes> the downside and the upside to it is there are loads of wild ideas in the funny. You're you're running along and even even I mean I've lived around the corner from there and I go there all the time and still excited when I see a dare I see every day I see one and you end up trying to do a sofi with them and all kinds of things but also they terrify you through the stacks do so you don't even know they're there. I mean it is a brilliant. I suddenly poke the head up and you go. Oh my God. There's a D. and you think I wonder if there's a rep for a you know you wonder if they would chase me so I kind of I do slow down. When I go past just in case I encourage a chase because I would lose bushy park and Hampton Court Palace is next and there's a golf course there by play goals and as you are going up toward the holes quite often? There's a herd of deer on the green and they don't move you just praying you hit them. I mean I've never done that. I just have to aim for them and I'll miss them and that's the best way they hey. It's nuts they just sit and they look at you in the ball lands beside them they just look up then carrier munching on whatever chestnuts like Oh yes so that's your favorite place replace piece of running advice start slow start slow. Don't think because you're on Iran that it's it's all about speed. It's not it's about endurance so even if it's a fast walk pace start slow start do not whip yourself if he'd never have you never speed up. I let that star so and also the joy find the joy and I think that's really good best piece of running kit or tech that you'd never go out without. I've already kind of let myself down because I've massive.

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